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    Daily Digest 11/9 – Free Electricity In TX, Live Long And Die Out

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, November 9, 2015, 2:56 PM


Live Long And Die Out (jdargis)

Knight claims that the idea has always existed in the private thoughts of a few enlightened people throughout history, and that he has merely provided a name and context for it. This is dubious, though many writers and organizations have raged against the environmental dangers of overpopulation: Thomas Malthus’s infamous An Essay on the Principles of Population was published in 1798; numerous population-focused groups formed in the sixties and seventies, including the shady1 Population-Environment Balance and Zero Population Growth; there’s a subreddit for overpopulation (of course there is) founded in 2009 with over ten thousand readers; and the Church of Euthanasia, run by Rev. Chris Korda2, who—following the instructions of an “alien intelligence known as The Being”—advocates for the suicide and cannibalism of everyone on earth. The VHEMT is the only serious organization committed to peacefully annihilating all of humanity.

Privacy is starting to seem like a very 20th-century anomaly (jdargis)

It’s a long journey from delousing on the doorstep to the idea of a right to a private life, which crystallised in the second half of the 19th century. In between, the number of people who could afford a bedchamber or a house of their own had slowly increased. The growth of cities meant grand residences and privacy for some; cheek-by-jowl living for others. The postal system afforded a secret means of communication for those who could read and write (an early case of interception involved officials opening letters addressed to Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini in 1844, to public outcry). Laws against blackmail and defamation were intended to protect elites, who were nevertheless tightly bound by conventional morality.

Subjective Meaning and Objective Ethics – Why Existentialism Is Anarchism (Steve R.)

The incomprehensibility of their spiritual nature makes such people so uncomfortable, that they become willing to accept falsehoods as answers. Anything is better than the torture of not knowing! But to permit themselves to believe a falsehood, they must first craft a compelling narrative. They have to find a way to give themselves permission to accept as truth, answers that do not satisfy. In short: they need an excuse.

All electricity in Austria’s largest state now produced from renewables (jdargis)

The state in northeastern Austria now gets 63% of its electricity from hydroelectric power, 26% from wind energy, nine percent from biomass and two percent from solar.

In Austria as a whole, which voted against nuclear power in a 1978 referendum, 75% comes from renewables and the rest from fossil fuels.

A Texas Utility Offers a Nighttime Special: Free Electricity (jdargis)

The women are just three of the thousands of TXU Energy customers who are at the vanguard of a bold attempt by the utility to change how people consume energy. TXU’s free overnight plan, which is coupled with slightly higher daytime rates, is one of dozens that have been offered by more than 50 retail electricity companies in Texas over the last three years with a simple goal: for customers to turn down the dials when wholesale prices are highest and turn them back up when prices are lowest.

Why 10 cases of dengue fever in Hawaii are much scarier than the rest (jdargis)

Neither is easy. Dengue—which causes searing eye, head and bone pain, and has no cure—spreads when a mosquito sucks the blood of someone who’s already carrying the virus, and then bites another person who hasn’t yet been infected. Most cases occur in Latin America, Asia, and the Caribbean, in densely populated cities where the most notorious dengue-carrying mosquito, Aedes aegypti, thrives.

Whistleblowers Think They Know Why Canadian Pipelines Are Exploding (jdargis)

The Otterburne fireball was one of 74 reported fires and explosions — 9 explosions and 65 fires — at TransCanada-owned facilities in Canada since 2008. TransCanada, the same company that wants to build the Keystone XL and Energy East pipelines, has tallied more than 300 “reportable incidents,” including ruptures, leaks, fires, explosions, serious injuries, and one death, at its facilities since 2008 — a number that far outstrips any other Canadian pipeline company in that time period.

Cancer on the Rise in Post-Fukushima Japan (locksmithuk)

In this video, Arnie recounts his presentation from 2013 at the New York Academy of Medicine where he forecast continuous radiation releases from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and also the devastating health effects for the Japanese people, despite the chronically underestimated radiation exposure levels propagated by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the Japanese government.

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