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    Daily Digest 11/8 – Prepare For The Presidential Collapse, China Unveils Major Decisions

    by DailyDigest

    Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 3:17 PM


Be Prepared – Precious Metals (reflector)

In the United States, people originally used gold and silver for their purchases and transactions. Gold and, particularly silver, are cumbersome. They weigh down the pockets. The government initially led people to use paper by notes which stated that the bearer of the note could redeem the note for gold or silver. This gave people confidence in the paper because they knew they could take the paper note to the bank and get their gold or silver. Eventually, through the generations, people no longer identified the paper currency with gold and silver. The demand notes for gold and silver were removed from circulation. Most people today accept notes which are not backed by gold or silver, but merely the promise of the issuer of the paper to pay and stand for debts, public and private. The thought process disconnected the connection between the paper and what it originally represented – gold or silver.

Can U.S. Elections Really Be Stolen? Yes. (richcabot)

All our elections are vulnerable as confirmed by a Harvard University Study. We have the worst voting system in the developed world. The system is set to make honest elections virtually impossible.

Election theft involves two steps: shrinking the pool of eligible voters. Second stage: Computerized election fraud involving manipulation.

5 Reasons (And Then Some) Not To Worry About A 'Rigged' Election (jdargis)

Yes, election-rigging worked on Scandal, when a super-secret cabal of five people (including the first lady AND the White House chief of staff) flipped the election by fiddling with a single voting machine in Ohio.

But then, Campaign 2016 is not a Shonda Rhimes production. Which is to say: Rigging the election would be much, much harder than this. For one, there are a few options of where to try doing that voting-machine fiddling. Where would you begin? Ohio? Florida? Iowa? Arizona?

Escape The Election Fallout (jdargis)

We could react to these facts by reminding ourselves that things aren’t that bad for us Americans. In a static sense, that’s certainly true. We are the most privileged society on the planet. Even though we aren’t the richest per capita, we certainly have access to the greatest material abundance the world has ever seen. Our military power is unparalleled. We control the world reserve currency, and our public debt is considered the second-safest haven there is. (The first, of course, being gold.)

Prepare For The Presidential Collapse (Tiffany D.)

Remember the Brexit vote at the end of June? The markets plummeted sharply the next day, but quickly rallied and moved on to new highs because, once the vote was over, investors could get back to investing as normal.

We could easily see something similar with the U.S. presidential election. So, if you are hedged and you see an immediate severe reaction, take some profits on your hedge position … but don’t take it completely off the table.

Silver Prices and the Train Wreck known as National Debt (Taki T.)

The graph below shows smoothed (10 year moving average) silver and crude prices. Gold price patterns are similar to silver prices and are not shown. Note that silver and crude prices increased erratically but exponentially.

Handling Renewable Growth: What Should Utilities Do? (Josh O.)

South Korean chemical firm, LG Chem, one of the world’s largest lithium battery manufacturers, announces partnership with an American home solar installation firm to offer a package of rooftop solar and battery storage. The new venture claims that their solar plus storage offering will be "competitive" with grid supplied power in California by 2017. They add that “given the right pricing” their combined product would be "only slightly more expensive” than grid power in the rest of the U.S. These claims may be bold but they're not unthinkable.

China Unveils Three Major Decisions Within Three Minutes (Yoxa)

Xiao, the former head of China’s tax administration, will be tasked with juggling fiscal stimulus and efforts to rein in excess leverage. He’ll also have to get to know a new U.S. treasury secretary as protectionist sentiment increasingly grips the global economy. Lou had overseen a restructuring of local-government finances that helped cut the cost of a record accumulation of debt by cities and provinces after the global financial crisis.

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