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    Daily Digest 11/7 – Super-Charged Tulip Mania Markets, The Great Nutrient Collapse

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    Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 2:56 PM


THE U.S. STOCK MARKET: Highly Inflated Bubble To Super-Charged Tulip Mania (yogmonster)

Regardless, the U.S. Stock Market has entered into the last stage, which I call the Super-Charged Tulip Mania. In this stage, it wouldn’t matter if the North Koreans launched a nuclear missile and declared war on the rest of the world, the universe and all Aliens floating around in space. By God, the Dow Jones Index would look at these as a catalyst to reach the next important psychological level of 25,000 points. Reaching that new level wouldn’t really be that hard as the Fed would just need to hire a few dozen more trading geeks and provide them with an endless supply of Hot Pockets and Starbucks. Easy-peasy.

When Apple soured on Irish tax laws, it turned to a tiny English Channel island (jdargis)

The ICIJ did not publish the full flush of documents that it received. As the ICIJ also noted, Jersey charges no corporate taxes for most companies. Two of Apple’s three subsidiaries in Ireland were then declared “resident” in Jersey. The third company, Apple Operations Europe, remains a tax resident in Ireland.

Did Trump Just Start the Next Recession? (Tiffany D.)

Many Fed watchers see this nomination as continuing the road map Yellen laid out, meaning that we should see gradual and planned rate increases going forward.

But Powell could also be a curveball for policy.

The Body Trade (jdargis)

Body brokers are also known as non-transplant tissue banks. They are distinct from the organ and tissue transplant industry, which the U.S. government closely regulates. Selling hearts, kidneys and tendons for transplant is illegal. But no federal law governs the sale of cadavers or body parts for use in research or education. Few state laws provide any oversight whatsoever, and almost anyone, regardless of expertise, can dissect and sell human body parts.

Big Oil Plans Blockchain-Based Trading Platform (Michael K.)

The purpose of digitizing commodity trading is to save costs as well as time, and to simplify the whole process of trading. As a senior ING executive said in February following the successful test trade with the Mercuria shipment, “The commodity finance industry is hampered by nature by inefficiencies and outdated procedures. By applying blockchain technology, we expect that we can eliminate a lot of these, making the overall process faster and more cost effective and the tests we have been able to carry out have proved this.”

Lazard’s Levelized Cost Of Energy Analysis (Nate)

Certain Alternative Energy generation technologies are cost-competitive with conventional generation technologies under some scenarios; such observation does not take into account potential social and environmental externalities (e.g., social costs of distributed generation, environmental consequences of certain conventional generation technologies, etc.), reliability or intermittency – related considerations (e.g., transmission and back – up generation costs associated with certain Alternative Energy technologies)

The Great Nutrient Collapse (Yoxa)

In the outside world, the problem isn’t that plants are suddenly getting more light: It’s that for years, they’ve been getting more carbon dioxide. Plants rely on both light and carbon dioxide to grow. If shining more light results in faster-growing, less nutritious algae—junk-food algae whose ratio of sugar to nutrients was out of whack—then it seemed logical to assume that ramping up carbon dioxide might do the same. And it could also be playing out in plants all over the planet. What might that mean for the plants that people eat?

The disease that could change how we drink coffee (tmn)

Historians suggest that this is part of the reason why Britons prefer tea nowadays. “Sri Lanka moved over to tea production” since coffee was no longer profitable, explains Aaron Davis, head of coffee research at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Luckily for Asian producers, Britain was eager to switch its taste when their coffee supply vanished.

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    I hope people won't mind if I post a site address: stephen - knapp.com. Yoga/Vedanta/Hinduism/Reincarnation/ Ancient Indian History & Culture probably has a lot we can learn from and may be a help to people if bad times come.

    This site seems a good jumping off point. One of their jokes: Don't let worry kill you off; let the Church help!

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