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    Daily Digest 11/4 – Good News Friday: An Urban Oasis In Miami, Is A Pan-Asian Power Grid Possible?

    by DailyDigest

    Friday, November 4, 2016, 11:34 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Buck to the future (jdargis)

Fuller wasn’t the first person to dream of domed cities – they’d featured for decades in science fiction, usually as hothouses of dystopia – but as an engineering solution, they feel thoroughly Fullerian. Implicit in their concept is an acknowledgement that human nature is wasteful and unreliable, resistant to fixing itself. Instead, Fuller put his faith in technology as a means to tame the messiness of humankind. ‘I would never try to reform man – that’s much too difficult,’ Fuller told The New Yorker in 1966. Appealing to people to remedy their behaviour was a folly, because they’d simply never do it. Far wiser, Fuller thought, to build technology that circumvents the flaws in human behaviour – that is, ‘to modify the environment in such a way as to get man moving in preferred directions’. Instead of human-led design, he sought design-led humans.

Tight U.S. Job Market Finally Delivers as Pay Accelerates (jdargis)

Average hourly earnings of workers climbed 2.8 percent in October from a year earlier, the fastest pace in seven years, Labor Department figures showed Friday in Washington. Rising wages are encouraging people to look for greener pastures: Among the unemployed, the share of people leaving jobs voluntarily jumped to 12.1 percent, the highest since before the financial crisis began in 2007.

Last Economic Snapshot Before the Election Shows Healthy Job Growth (jdargis)

The data on Friday also showed that more jobs were created in August and September than previously estimated. The revisions showed 44,000 more positions had been created, bringing the monthly average over the last three months to 176,000. Even more encouraging was the robust bump in wages, the most concrete sign that the labor market is tightening, and that ordinary workers are finally getting a slice of the rewards.

Treating Alzheimer’s May Begin With Testing Cannabinoids On Football Players (jdargis)

“One of the effects of cannabidiol is decreased inflammation,” explains Ronald Tuma, who leads Kannalife’s testing team at Temple University. “Cannabinoids can play a role in mitigating secondary nervous system trauma.” If this experimental treatment passes clinical trials, it could become the first U.S. neuroprotective drug, carrying the potential to treat everything from CTE to Alzheimer’s to poststroke pain syndrome.

Is A Pan-Asian Power Grid Possible? (Josh O.)

This could be a big win for advocates of renewable energy. The cost to create coal-powered plants in China is at an all time low, meaning an influx in manufacturers. These additional plants have limited utilization of older ones, which now stands at less than 50 percent, according to an article by Sierra Club. China is now taking the necessary steps to restrict future coal plant’s construction, but projects under development will continue. Investors should be weary of coal producers like Shenhua Energy Co., Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co. who are likely to underperform in this time of limited demand and inundated supply.

Nonprofit Org Creates Urban Oasis in Miami Where All Have Access to Locally Grown Food (Michael W.)

An interest in bringing healthier food to so-called food deserts and a passion for social justice led Friedrich to start the Urban Oasis Project. “The communities wanted fresh produce,” Friedrich said. When the nonprofit first started, it helped to bring gardens and farmers’ markets to areas such as Miami’s Liberty City. The folks at Urban Oasis aggregated from area farms, used homegrown produce, and gleaned from available fruit trees, all with the goal of providing affordable healthy food.

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    Pay Accelerates in the US

    [quote=Labor Department]

    Average hourly earnings of workers climbed 2.8 percent in October from a year earlier, the fastest pace in seven years, Labor Department figures showed Friday in Washington.


    Wow!  What are the odds of jobs and pay miraculously improving only a few days before the election?  

    What an amazing coincidence.



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