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    Daily Digest 11/29 – The Approaching Storm, How The Ultra-Rich Hide Their Properties

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, November 29, 2018, 2:31 PM


This Scholar Says the Government Should Buy Stocks When They Plunge (Alex M.)

Economist Roger E.A. Farmer thinks other nations need to emulate China, and even go beyond it. He’s been banging this drum for years, as I have written in previous stories. Now, he thinks it’s bound to happen. After I emailed him Moxy Ying’s story, he wrote back, “Asset price stabilization policies are coming to a central bank near you. It’s just a question of when.”

Nostalgia – Not So Much (thc0655)

You can read the site comments for the range of replies, but what strikes me most is nostalgia for a time that, frankly, sucked poop, by people who – none of them, to a near certainty – actually lived through it. Someone alive in 1933 would be 85 today. Anyone who remembered it at all would thus be 90+.

So Sherman, let’s set the Wayback Machine for 1933, and see what we find about how it really was.

Don’t Get Distracted By The Trump/Fed Soap Opera – The Crash Will Continue (thc0655)

As most liberty activists should know by now, central banks are essentially a legally protected counterfeiting scheme. Using fractional reserve banking at a ratio that is secret, central banks create their own capital from thin air, and they can infuse capital into international banks at will when it suits their purposes. There is no “profit motive” for the banking syndicate. They can print the cash or digitally conjure it anytime they wish, and they can use it to purchase tangible assets before their printing diminishes the buying power of the currency, passing price inflation on to regular citizens.

The Approaching Storm (GE Christenson)

Pump too much credit into the economy (created by central banking and fractional reserve banking) and mal-investments expand. A recession cleanses the excess. But in 2008 the Fed “papered over” the problems and didn’t allow liquidation of bad debts, insolvent big banks and weak businesses. Instead the Fed created dollars from nothing and gave loans to big banks, insiders and the politically connected.

Secret luxury homes: how the ultra-rich hide their properties (tmn)

Such discreet sales are often surrounded by further measures to maintain secrecy around a home and its residents. These range from ownership structures that obscure identity to state of the art alarm systems and staff who do not know when their employers will come or go. “People always keep their houses up and running, not as a matter of extravagance but because you can’t tell the staff: ‘I’ll be here a week on Thursday.’ Not even the household can know,” Macpherson says.

Saudi Arabia Struggles As Oil Prices Crash (Michael S.)

Trump wants low oil prices, but U.S. shale could take a hit. The pressure campaign by the White House to deter OPEC+ from cutting production could succeed in keeping crude prices low, but prices are approaching a level that could damage U.S. shale companies. “We’re at the point where we’re nearing full cycle break-evens for Permian producers and depending on how long this lasts, we might see an impact on capex budgets over the next few months,” Muhammed Ghulam, senior research associate at Raymond James, told CNBC.

Dead sea lions are washing up on Puget Sound shores — with bullet holes (Thomas R.)

Since September, six sea lions have been confirmed to have died from gunshot wounds in central Puget Sound and Kitsap County, according to Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network, a group that responds to reports of stranded or dead sea lions. Another seven are suspected to have died from “acute trauma” caused by humans, including a decomposed sea lion with its head sliced off found washed ashore Tuesday in a West Seattle cove.

This town is like thousands that are vulnerable to contaminated water, with no fix in sight (Sparky1)

It’s what Edwards calls America’s “dirty little secret.” He explains it this way: That often times towns like Enterprise are stuck with aging infrastructure that they can’t fix, leaving few options for them to deal with complaints about dirty or contaminated water.

California Burning: How the Greens Turned the Golden State Brown – American Greatness (thc0655)

Opinions also vary as to whether or not environmentalists stood in the way of these prevention measures. In a blistering critique published earlier this week on the California-focused Flash Report, investigative journalist Katy Grimes cataloged the negligence resulting from environmentalist overreach.

“For decades,” Grimes notes, “traditional forest management was scientific and successful—that is until ideological, preservationist zealots wormed their way into government and began the overhaul of sound federal forest management through abuse of the Endangered Species Act and the ‘re-wilding, no-use movement.’”

Climate Solutions: Is It Feasible to Remove Enough CO2 from the Air? (tmn)

I think there are three reasons. The first is: humanity keeps procrastinating on mitigation and so it becomes impossible at some point to meet the safe or declared target of limiting temperature increases to 1.5 to 2 degrees [Celsius] without negative emissions. That’s sadly where we are now. To meet the Paris Agreement targets, we need on the order of 10 billion metric tons of negative emissions — 20 percent of today’s annual emissions — by approximately mid-century, and 20 billion tons by century’s end. That’s a lot.

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