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    Daily Digest 11/29 – Good News Friday: The Wisdom Your Body Knows, How To Enjoy a Plastic-Free Holiday Season

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    Friday, November 29, 2019, 8:12 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Prosecutors Usually Send People to Prison. These Are Getting Them Out. (jdargis)

Although the release of the men might have cast doubt on the integrity of the criminal justice system, Ms. Mosby said, the mission of a prosecutor should be to seek justice.

“What that means is that you have an ethical and a legal obligation as a prosecutor to ensure that you exonerate those that are wrongly accused, convicted and incarcerated,” Ms. Mosby said in an interview Tuesday.

Hunger, war and an American dream: One man’s story of overcoming the odds to survive (sv)

Despite his success, Abdi will never forget what he’s been through – or the help humanitarian organizations like WFP provided during his time of desperate need. And with the U.S. being the number-one donor to WFP, Abdi is truly grateful for America’s role in his survival.

The Wisdom Your Body Knows (jdargis)

When we’re really young we know few emotion concepts. Young children say, “Mommy, I hate you!” when they mean “I don’t like this” because they haven’t learned their culture’s concepts for hatred vs. badness. But as we get older we learn more emotional granularity. The emotionally wise person can create distinct experiences of disappointment, anger, spite, resentment, grouchiness and aggravation, whereas for a less emotionally wise person those are all synonyms for “I feel bad.”

Paper sculptures of microorganisms (tmn)

Every piece starts with drawing, the finished work is really a layered three-dimensional drawing. I start with small sketches then work these up into detailed full-scale drawings that are then cut either by hand with a scalpel (e.g. “Cut Microbe” and “Outbreak”) or alternatively with a laser (e.g. Magic Circle Variation). Each cut is then mounted on hidden card and foam board spacers of 1 or 2 cm depth and finally each layer is mounted on top of the other, glued, and pinned in place. Each stage of the process takes weeks and it’s therefore labor intensive, especially for the larger hand-cut works that can take several months to produce.

One Thing You Can Do: Sustainable Holiday Shopping (jdargis)

“There is nothing more aligned with the spirit of the season,” said Kate Kiely, a spokeswoman for the Natural Resources Defense Council, “than thinking about the impact our choices have on the world our children and grandchildren will inherit.”

Recycling isn’t working – here are 15 ways to shrink your plastic footprint (ZWW)

Environment experts are increasingly calling for a reduction in plastic use, as the waste accumulates in the oceans, poor countries and even human bodies. Plastics are also burned, as China – which once accepted the bulk of America’s waste – has begun to refuse it. And more than a million Americans lived next to polluting incinerators.

Enjoy a Plastic Free Christmas This Year – Here’s How (ZWW)

But it’s still possible to have a plastic free Christmas. Here’s our guide to removing plastic from your gifts, decorations, cards, food, drink and more. Perhaps you’ll try them all, or you’ll take things one step at a time and tackle a new area each year.

Whatever you do, you’ll be making a difference and having an impact. Here’s how!

What Survives a Drought? (Kara S.)

Another excellent producer has been okra. I got some Clemson spineless started on time, and they grew to eight feet and produced into October. We eat it fried, in stir fries, with beans and tomatoes, with shrimp creole, with sweet chili eggplant over coconut rice. Even so, there’s gallons in the freezer now, and jars upon jars pickled in my sun oven and sitting on the shelf. I also have a variety specifically for pickling, and a red one too, which got started late and came into production in September.

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