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    Daily Digest 11/20 – Degrees Of Freedom, The World Order That’s Now Emerging

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    Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 2:20 PM


The World Order That’s Now Emerging (Afridev)

Thus, at the war’s end, the Soviet Union was exhausted and in a much weaker condition than it had been before the war. By contrast, the US, having had none of the war’s battles occurring on its territory, was (by comparison) barely even scratched by the war, and it was thus clearly and overwhelmingly the new and dominant world-power emerging from the war.

Consumers love smart speakers. They don’t love news on smart speakers. (At least not yet.) (tmn)

News consumption on smart speakers is lower than one might expect. In the U.K., for instance, while 47 percent of smart speaker users said they use the device for news monthly and 21 percent use it daily, only 1 percent said news was the device’s most important function. In the U.S., 38 percent of smart speaker users use the device for news at least monthly and 18 percent at least daily.

Stop Complaining About Your Rent and Move to Tulsa, Suggests Tulsa (tmn)

“Folks in the country—maybe particularly on the coasts—in this technologically changing environment can literally live anywhere and do their jobs,” says Ken Levit, GKFF’s executive director. According to Flex Jobs, a remote job-finding site, 3.9 million U.S. employees work regular remote jobs at least half of the time—a share of the workforce that grew almost 10 times faster than the rest between 2005 and 2015, and now includes everyone from virtual golf instructors to virtual neurosurgeons. Of everywhere remote workers can work, Levit says, “we’re bullish on Tulsa.”

Degrees of Freedom (jdargis)

During Schwartz’s college years, the prevailing view was that the motor cortex worked like an engineer, calculating the forces required to move joints and directing muscles in how to contract. Georgopoulos, instead, argued that the motor cortex concerned itself mainly with the geometry of human motion in space. In this view, it resembled an air-traffic controller, mapping the flight paths of limbs, while leaving other parts of the nervous system to issue instructions to muscles.

Mad World (thc0655)

Walking along a street in any crumbling urban area in this country you see miserable faces staring blankly as they trudge through their lives on the road to nowhere or wasting time absorbed by trivialities and bullshit emanating from their iGadgets. The lives of so many are a meaningless march of misery and mindless repetition of daily chores. There is an overwhelming cloud of sadness permeating the lives of the masses as our repulsive culture, built on fulfilling desires, consumerism, selfishness and greed, ultimately results in delusional, disappointed and desperate human beings.

Fuel price protesters in France are being injured and killed by drivers (tmn)

Frustrated motorists have resorted to plowing through the human blockades. One protestor in the Savoy region died after being hit by the car of a mother taking her daughter to the hospital, the BBC reports. The vehicle had reportedly been surrounded by about 50 demonstrators, who were hitting its roof when the mother panicked and accelerated.

The Impending Endgame In Oil Markets (Michael S.)

Still, some opposition exists, even if it is not vocal at the moment. Conservative elements in the Saudi power constellation, supported by former high-ranking Royals, will be waiting for any sign of weakness, trying to hit where it really hurts. Currently, three major factors could lead to instability: MbS’s future depends on a partial success of the high profile diversification of the Saudi economy, weaning it from its oil addiction, and implementing some hard needed changes to give future perspective to the large young population of the country.

How Extreme Weather Is Shrinking The Planet (jdargis)

Scientists have warned for decades that climate change would lead to extreme weather. Shortly before the I.P.C.C. report was published, Hurricane Michael, the strongest hurricane ever to hit the Florida Panhandle, inflicted thirty billion dollars’ worth of material damage and killed forty-five people. President Trump, who has argued that global warming is “a total, and very expensive, hoax,” visited Florida to survey the wreckage, but told reporters that the storm had not caused him to rethink his decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accords. He expressed no interest in the I.P. C.C. report beyond asking “who drew it.” (The answer is ninety-one researchers from forty countries.) He later claimed that his “natural instinct” for science made him confident that the climate would soon “change back.” A month later, Trump blamed the fires in California on “gross mismanagement of forests.”

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