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    Daily Digest 11/2 – ‘Global Outbreak’ Warning, Inside Trump’s Immigration Crackdown

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, November 2, 2017, 3:14 PM


What life is like aboard America’s doomsday plane (tmn)

The strangest part of flying aboard the E4-B is mid-air refuelling, made necessary by the plane’s great weight, thanks to its unusual kit and special shield to protect it from the electromagnetic pulse produced by a nuclear blast. During an aerial refuelling, up to four oil tankers fly in from American air bases around the world and rendezvous with the boss in quick succession. On long flights like this one, from South Korea to Joint Base Andrews, just outside Washington, DC, two aerial refuellings are needed, each lasting around an hour.

The Chinese ‘miracle’ elixir that threatens donkeys around the world (Walter S.)

According to industry statistics, Chinese ejiao production consumes some 4m donkey skins per year. China’s donkeys numbered 11m two decades ago, but this figure has fallen below 6m, both as a consequence of booming ejiao production and the mass migration of rural Chinese, who formerly raised donkeys, into cities. Domestic supply is capped at less than 1.8 million and this leaves Deej and its smaller competitors heavily reliant on imports.

Black Death Mapped: ‘global outbreak’ warning as NINE new countries place on high alert (Adam)

And WHO officials, who have been working with Madagascar’s Ministry of Health, warn the risk of the epidemic spreading is “high”.

Plague – a terrifying bacterial infection transmitted by fleas – is nothing new in Madagascar, where about 600 cases are reported annually.

Moscow Reacts To U.S.-Russia Probe Arrests (jdargis)

The Kremlin says the investigation into last year’s U.S. presidential election has nothing to do with Russia, but that Moscow is following the proceedings intently.

Inside Trump’s Immigration Crackdown (jdargis)

Beyond the planned border wall and limits on new refugees, the federal government wants tighter restrictions on immigration to this country. On this episode of Reveal, we examine efforts throughout the U.S. to deport migrants faster, detain them longer and prevent them from obtaining visas that might offer a path to legal residency.

New U.S. Sanctions Threaten Russian Oil Projects (Michael K.)

The EU’s sanctions contain a grandfather clause allowing existing partnerships to continue, but this is not the case with the U.S. sanctions, so Exxon has had to pull out of its joint projects with Rosneft. Earlier this year, the supermajor asked Washington for a sanction waiver in a bid to continue its work in Russia, with a special focus on Arctic drilling, but the request was denied.

How It’s Being Done… And Why (thc0655)

Like the Iraqis, who played no role in the attacks of 911, C02 plays no role in the problems heretofore attributed to internal combustion, such as smog and respiratory problems. But just as there was a predetermined agenda to “regime change” Iraq, which the 911 attacks provided the necessary hysteria to set in motion, so also the conflation of inert, environmentally inoffensive C02 with things like carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and so on.

Haribo gummy bear ingredients made by modern slaves, documentary shows (tmn)

The conditions on the plantations are so poor that the Brazilian police occasionally carry out raids to free the workers. A Brazilian Labor Ministry official said there had been an increasing number of complaints about the carnauba wax industry and that authorities had found many people working in conditions “that could be described as slavery.”

“The workers are treated as objects, worse than animals,” he said.

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  • Thu, Nov 02, 2017 - 8:49am


    Matt Holbert

    Status Member (Offline)

    Joined: Oct 03 2008

    Posts: 67

    Jim Quinn: It's hard to be objective when...

    your livelihood depends on driving. (Through the years Jim has constantly mentioned his long commute.) While the article has a point about the deficiencies of EVs, it ignores common sense and data with the claim that CO2 is a non factor.

    Jim, like many of us, had the opportunity to escape the rat race years ago. Among other things, a voluntary One or None breeding policy would have helped him escape the constant drive to ignore facts.

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  • Thu, Nov 02, 2017 - 12:04pm



    Status Bronze Member (Offline)

    Joined: Mar 19 2011

    Posts: 101

    Window of Opportunity is Slowly Closing

    Whatever that may mean to you.  So, get out while you can, is that the hint?  It sure seems like it’s only going to become more interesting among the tax and spend forces of “balanced” budgets.  Fortunately, it will be other legislators’ and a new governor’s problem.  No es mi problema, as my compadres would say.

    So if future leaders must maintain the tax hikes, spending cuts and other budget adjustments ordered now — and identify significantly more a little more than a year from now — what makes legislators believe Connecticut will be able to afford big tax cuts in two years?

    Legislative leaders responded not with specifics but with optimism based on the new wave of bipartisan cooperation. [bold added]

    Devil is in the details. 

    Take off eh!

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  • Fri, Nov 03, 2017 - 5:53am



    Status Silver Member (Offline)

    Joined: Jul 30 2009

    Posts: 2932

    Emanuel's $3 billion sales tax bonds get AAA rating (Chicago)

    Emanuel’s $3 billion sales tax bonds get AAA rating

    Chicago Sun-Times14 hours ago
    Emanuel’s $3 billion sales tax bonds get AAA rating … Emanuel’s plan to isolate sales tax revenue in a special fund and use it to refinance $3 billion in city debt.

    Venezuela to restructure foreign debt, default looms as possibility

    Reuters12 hours ago
    Venezuela’s latest move could unleash a sovereign debt crisis of a scale not seen in Latin America since the massive 2001 default in Argentina that shut it out of …

    Maduro moves to restructure Venezuela’s $120B foreign debt

    ABC News9 hours ago
    2 2017, that his socialist government will begin restructuring a foreign debt estimated at more than $120 billion, saying U.S. financial sanctions are crippling the …

    Why tens of thousands of Coloradans choose to pay a fine rather …

    The Denver Post1 hour ago
    The Trump administration says consumers can start previewing plans and premiums online for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act in 2018.


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