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    Daily Digest 11/16 – Global Debt Reaches Record High, Protests Grip Major Iran Cities Over Gas Prices

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    Saturday, November 16, 2019, 9:16 AM


Report: Global debt reaches record high, led by U.S., China (Sparky1)

The report said that record-low interest rates made it easier for companies and businesses over this time to borrow money. While the U.S. Federal Reserve has made cuts in the benchmark interest rate, the People’s Bank of China has refrained from doing so to avoid sharply rising debt.

Americans Are Cutting Back On Other Monthly Expenses To Afford Healthcare Premiums (edelinski)

Open enrollment is just beginning and insured Americans are less than impressed. We surveyed 1000 Americans about their personal experience with health insurance.

AP Photos: Hong Kong protesters resort to medieval weapons (Sparky1)

Protesters said they need the weapons to protect the campuses from police using tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons.

Now in their sixth month, the anti-government protests have grown increasingly violent even as they have shrunk in size, often causing chaos in the streets of the city of 7.5 million people.

Chinese troops join Hong Kong cleanup as protesters retreat (Sparky1)

For a city now accustomed to fierce weekend clashes between police and protesters, Hong Kong had a relatively quiet Saturday. Small contingents of protesters harassed some of those cleaning up, and those at Polytechnic kept a major cross-harbor tunnel closed. About 1,000 people turned out for an annual Gay Pride event in the center of the city.

Goldman Sachs settles bond-rigging lawsuit (Sparky1)

Investors including Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella accused banks of exploiting their market dominance to overcharge for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds from Jan. 1, 2009, to Jan. 1, 2016, and keep more profit for themselves.

U.S. charges another ex-JPMorgan executive with alleged market manipulation (Sparky1)

The case relates to spoofing, which involves placing bids to buy or offers to sell contracts with the intent to cancel them before execution, allowing spoofers to influence prices. In recent years there has a been a surge in spoofing related prosecutions in the United States by the Department of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Protests grip major Iran cities over gas prices; 1 killed (Sparky1)

The demonstrations took place in over a dozen cities in the hours following Rouhani’s decision at midnight Friday to cut gasoline subsidies to fund handouts for Iran’s poor. Gasoline in the country still remains among the cheapest in the world, with the new prices jumping up to a minimum of 15,000 rials per liter of gas — 50% up from the day before. That’s 13 cents a liter, or about 50 cents a gallon. A gallon of regular gasoline in the U.S. costs $2.60 by comparison.

Port Report: LA port sees biggest October box drop in 24 years (Thomas R.)

According to U.K.-based container news PR News Service, the OCEAN Alliance, the leading container service in the trans-Pacific, is dropping four sailings in the fourth quarter, totaling just over 41,000 TEUs in capacity. THE Alliance reduced capacity on one trans-Pacific service by 22% at the start of October.

Trump admin preparing to take over private land in Texas for border wall (Sparky1)

Jared Kushner is hosting a meeting with military and administration officials at the White House this Friday, where they are expected to discuss the U.S. government taking over private land to build more sections of wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, said two officials.

AP sources: Jail guards at time of Epstein death reject deal (Sparky1)

Epstein was placed on suicide watch after he was found on his cell floor July 23 with bruises on his neck. Multiple people familiar with operations at the jail have said Epstein was then taken off suicide watch about a week before his death, meaning he was less closely monitored but still supposed to be checked on every 30 minutes.

Coalition Finds 3K Pounds of Trash, Toxins at Illegal Pot Farm in California (thc0655)

“They also found a container of concentrated carbofuran, an insecticide banned by the Environmental Protection Agency. Carbofuran is produced in the U.S. by Pennsylvania-based FMC Corp, which exports the product to Mexico, India and other nations,” KVCR reported. “The European Union, Canada and Brazil have full bans on carbofuran.”

New COMEX Pledged Gold: Shrinking The Pool Of Registered Inventory (Sparky1)

Before looking at how this relates to COMEX gold, a quick recap and some definitions are in order. Although COMEX gold futures rarely settle physically in gold, they are physically deliverable contracts which are capable of being settled in real gold. Believe it or not. However in 2018, for example, COMEX gold deliveries totalled just 1.6 million ounces (51 tonnes), meaning that 99.98% of COMEX gold futures did not result in physical delivery, a Ponzi scheme if ever there was one.

Understanding The Deep State’s Propaganda (drbost)

The Deep State doesn’t concern domestic issues, because virtually all of its members control international corporations, and the Deep State is almost entirely about international issues: foreign policies, diplomacy, military issues, and international spying agencies called “intelligence agencies” — extending the empire. The Deep State controls all of that, regardless of what Party is nominally in power. (The public care little about foreign policy, pay little attention to it, and believe the government when it alleges that “national security” is about protecting them, and not about expanding the power and wealth of the billionaires.)

Sears To Close A Third Of Its Remaining Stores As Iconic Retailer Fades Away (Thomas R.)

About 50% of the stores in the new company were profitable in 1Q19.

But by late summer into early fall, the profitability of at least 25% of the 425 stores collapsed, forcing Transformco to close 100 stores last month, and 96 more by Feb. 2020.

U.S. restaurants remove dining rooms to speed off-site food frenzy (Sparky1)

Off-premise digital orders are a major growth area for fast-food and fast-casual chains. More are turning to these so-called dark, virtual or ghost kitchens, which can also save labor and real estate costs.

Fed: Farm finances deteriorate more amid weather, trade woes (Sparky1)

“Long term depressed commodity prices continue to erode liquidity and equity in operations,” an unnamed banker in Eastern Wyoming said in the report. “We continue to see reluctance from most borrowers to replace equipment or expand their operations and expect further deterioration in customer financial positions.”

Why Growing Food is The Single Most Impactful Thing You Can Do in a Corrupt Political System
(Rob B.)

Take, for example, Ron Finley, the ‘Guerrilla Gardener’ from Los Angeles who inspires the world with no-nonsense truth about how the corporate food system enslaves us, while proving to us that the most effective weapon in this fight is fertile soil. He makes growing veggies cool again, as it should be, because food sovereignty is the very foundation of personal independence.

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    Hong Kong Protestors Fortify Universities

    Drone footage of how Hong Kong students are turning their universities into “fortresses”

    With classes called off for the semester at a number of Hong Kong universities, students have been using their free time to fortify their campuses.

    As pro-democracy protests roll on into their sixth month in Hong Kong, large-scale demonstrations have been staged throughout the city this week though the focal point has shifted out to the suburbs where students have been denying police access to their university campuses.

    The situation reached its breaking point on Tuesday night as protesters and police clashed around the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, fighting over control a footbridge with exchanges of tear gas and Molotov cocktails.

    Police have maintained that they only want to ensure public safety and prevent protesters from throwing debris onto highways and railroad tracks. In the wake of Tuesday night’s insanity, confrontations have not yet flared up again but protesters are busy preparing themselves, turning their campus into a fortress

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