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    Daily Digest 11/15 – What We Don’t Get About The Working Class, Real Estate Frenzy Coming to a City Near You

    by DailyDigest

    Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 7:06 PM


Putin & Trump discuss Syria and US-Russia relations in phone call – Kremlin (lambertad)

Next year, Russia and the US will celebrate 210 years since the beginning of their diplomatic relations, which might motivate them “reversing towards pragmatic, mutually beneficial cooperation that would satisfy the interests of both countries, promote stability and safety around the world,” the statement also says.

Trump’s team has issued a statement saying Putin congratulated the US president-elect on his election victory.

Trudeau pitches public-private infrastructure projects to major investors amid global insecurity (Uncletommy)

Trudeau said he was "not worried about competing" with the U.S. and said investors were drawn to "low-risk" Canada, where the population is broadly supportive of economic immigration, trade deals and foreign investment.

What So Many People Don't Get About The U.S. Working Class (Aaron M.)

Michèle Lamont, in The Dignity of Working Men, also found resentment of professionals — but not of the rich. “[I] can’t knock anyone for succeeding,” a laborer told her. “There’s a lot of people out there who are wealthy and I’m sure they worked darned hard for every cent they have,” chimed in a receiving clerk. Why the difference? For one thing, most blue-collar workers have little direct contact with the rich outside of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. But professionals order them around every day. The dream is not to become upper-middle-class, with its different food, family, and friendship patterns; the dream is to live in your own class milieu, where you feel comfortable — just with more money. “The main thing is to be independent and give your own orders and not have to take them from anybody else,” a machine operator told Lamont. Owning one’s own business — that’s the goal. That’s another part of Trump’s appeal.

World’s Biggest Real Estate Frenzy Is Coming to a City Near You (Adam)

The buying spree has defied Chinese government efforts to restrict capital outflows and shows little sign of slowing after an estimated $15 billion of overseas real estate purchases in the first half. For cities in the cross-hairs, the challenge is to balance the economic benefits of Chinese demand against the risk that rising home prices spur a public backlash.

Silver And The Train Wreck (GE Christenson)

The graph below shows smoothed (10 year moving average) silver and crude prices. Gold price patterns are similar to silver prices and are not shown. Note that silver and crude prices increased erratically but exponentially.

V. Dubinko: Anomalous Heat from Neodymium/Iron and Hydrogen (Arthur Robey)

In both installations, the NdFe10, NdFe20 films readily absorbed hydrogen up to a loading ratio of ~1÷2 per metal atom, while their thermal response to the loading depended crucially on the total mass of the films. A fierce exothermic reaction was detected, which resulted in the melting of the Cu foil, in which the films have been wrapped, provided that the total mass of the films exceeded the critical value of ~ 1 gram. Bellow the critical mass, the films absorbed hydrogen up to a similar loading ratio ~1.5÷1.6 per metal atom without a noticeable rise of their temperature. The quantitative results of our experiments are presented below.

Can Trump Derail The EV Revolution? (Josh O.)

The Obama administration recently announced a new effort to expand the refueling infrastructure even further. The White House said on November 3 that it would launch a new plan to build out a national network of recharging stations, establishing 48 national EV charging corridors along existing highways. They would install signs every 50 miles or so along these corridors, alerting drivers to recharging stations, similar to the way that current highway signs point to gasoline stations.

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    Arthur Robey

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    Official Bigotry.

    I've just had a wonderful experience on " the Guardian".

    I posted my well known views on the fact that Rascism was coined by Trotsky as a identifier of an opposing philosophy to communism and argued my case based on reason and evidence that Race does indeed play a role in the affairs in us Hominems. 

    I offered up the difference between Rhodesia and Zimbabwe as evidence. 

    I was mobbed by people interested in exploring the idea with me. They all took the opposing view, which I do not mind as it sharpens the wit.

    And I was banned and the wonderful thread obliterated. There are going to be some disappointed punters.  We were enjoying ourselves. We got onto the topic of Hitler and the war, naturally.

    This is why Trump was successful. And why the MSM is going down. They would be the arbiters of good taste.

    1. a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.


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