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    Daily Digest 11/12 – The Next Financial Crisis, ‘Remarkable’ Decline In Fertility Rates

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    Monday, November 12, 2018, 4:22 PM


U.S. on a Course to Spend More on Debt Than Defense (login required, Adam)

In the past decade, U.S. debt held by the public has risen to $15.9 trillion from $5.1 trillion, but financing all of that debt hasn’t been a problem. Low inflation and strong global demand for safe U.S. Treasury bonds held the government’s interest costs down.

‘A train wreck’: Veterans haven’t receive GI Bill benefits for months (Sparky1)

There are many veterans, like Roundtree, across the country who are still waiting for VA to catch up with a backlog created after President Trump signed the Forever GI Bill in 2017. The landmark piece of legislation greatly expanded benefits for veterans and survivors’ families, but it did not upgrade the VA’s technical capabilities to account for those changes.

‘Remarkable’ decline in fertility rates (Sparky1)

The total fertility rate is the average number of children a woman gives birth to in their lifetime (it’s different to the birth rate which is the number of children born per thousand people each year).

Whenever a country’s rate drops below approximately 2.1 then populations will eventually start to shrink (this “baby bust” figure is significantly higher in countries which have high rates of death in childhood).

The Next Financial Crisis: Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux (pinecarr)

While President Donald Trump and elements of the mainstream media describe a strong United States economy – America’s economic future has significant problems on the horizon. Peter Schiff joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the United States’s $21-plus trillion-dollar national debt, skyrocketing unfunded liabilities, federal deficits of $100 billion per month, the end of retirement, coming Corporate bankruptcies, the myth of a strong stock market, the subprime auto loan bubble, the role of China, upcoming inflation, flooding the market with treasury bonds, the day of reckoning for the Federal Reserve, Bernie Sander’s Jobs program and the end of the second-longest economic recovery in history.

The Mystery of the Havana Syndrome (jdargis)

The Americans suffered from headaches, dizziness, and a perplexing range of other symptoms. Later, specialists studied their brains and determined that the injuries resembled concussions, like those suffered by soldiers struck by roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. But there were no signs of impact. One of the specialists said it was as if the victims had a “concussion without concussion.” Douglas Smith, who oversaw a team that examined the victims at the University of Pennsylvania, said, “None of us have ever encountered anything like this before.” Experts at the C.I.A. were baffled by what they saw as an alarming new threat, one of the most confounding medical and espionage mysteries to involve American personnel overseas since the Cold War. The affliction didn’t have a name, so some of the victims started to refer to it simply as the Thing.

It’s all going dark again in the gambling capital of the world (Thomas R.)

“Wynn noted that Golden Week was very strong in October, but business dropped sharply after that and has remained volatile since then,” McKnight wrote in a note to clients. “Further, the company noted that it does not believe it is losing share – this means their guidance is either extremely conservative or the market has turned negative in November and December.”

Big Death : How Kuhn Was Wrong and Foucault Was Right (Jesper A.)

Look at it this way; corporate structures are bureaucracies, the governmental structures are bureaucracies. In theory the state is there to represent you, the small individual — Kafka´s problem one might say. There is a cell full of cushy bars to protect you if and when you want — always… Going back to the corporate entities, they cannot be the state although they might very much like to, the State then — well it too can have a love-affair with business, wanting to be like them (efficient sexy glitzy whatnot).

Shame Management and the Trump Supporter (newsbuoy)

While this view explains his appeal to one segment of the electorate that supported Trump, it doesn’t account for his larger-than-expected victory. Not everyone who voted for Trump is racist, xenophobic, or intolerant of people who hold values different from their own. But many of those voters nonetheless struggle with a fear of being social “losers” in a country they feel has forgotten them; their sense of self-worth has been ravaged by the economic downturn and the loss of solid middle class jobs to globalization and technical advances that make those jobs obsolete. Trump’s message on illegal immigration and “bad” international trade deals resonated powerfully with these voters.

Do School Facilities Affect Academic Outcomes? (TPD)

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is widespread, and its effects are too important to ignore. The U.S. General Accounting Office has found that fifteen thousand schools suffer from poor IAQ, affecting more than eight million children or one in five children in America’s schools (General Accounting Office 1995). The IAQ symptoms identified—irritated eyes, nose and throat, upper respiratory infections, nausea, dizziness, headaches and fatigue, or sleepiness—have collectively been referred to as “sick building syndrome”

sancal sin pistol holsters fit your fashion style as well as accessories (newsbuoy)

Eestablishing its own charm and good vibes, the ‘sin pistol’ is recognized for its functionality at first glance. it excels at carrying small objects, from keys to mobiles, passports to business cards, and lipstick to sunglasses. all this is secured within injected YKK branded nylon sips, which are renowned for their high quality. furthermore, its outer eyelet enables headphones to be connected to the mobile devices inside. this all makes the design fit the modern day lifestyle, whether used for work, leisure or both.

3 Moves That Will Give Your Social Security Checks a Boost (Thomas R.)

As I mentioned above, your Social Security benefits are calculated based on the 35 most prosperous years of your life. So anything you can do now to increase your income will automatically result in higher Social Security checks when you’re ready to retire.

There are several ways you could approach this. You could aim for raises or promotions at your current job, seek out a higher-paying job, or pick up a side gig to help you earn extra income in your spare time.

The DEA and ICE are hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights (Sparky1)

It’s unclear where the DEA and ICE streetlight cameras have been installed, or where the next deployments will take place. ICE offices in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio have provided funding for recent acquisitions from Cowboy Streetlight Concealments; the DEA’s most recent purchases were funded by the agency’s Office of Investigative Technology, which is located in Lorton, Virginia.

Want a free $100K a year? Quit your job and move here (thc0655)

It should be obvious by now that the problem isn’t a lack of funding. The problem is handing out an absurd amount of free money to the homeless population and having absolutely no plan for how that money will be put to work to solve the homeless problem.

But now that there’s a free $100k worth of benefits up for grabs, why wouldn’t every hobo west of the Mississippi come running?

Plunging Battery Costs To Trigger Energy Storage Boom (Michael S.)

Earlier this year, Clean Technica quoted a representative of Norway utility Stratnet as saying “The power grid will probably cope, because even though the number of electric cars increase, electricity consumption is increasing at a slower rate. Even when all cars run on electricity, it will only increase electricity consumption in Norway by about 6%, and if charging is done intelligently, the load at peak will only rise a few percent. It’s actually worst on Thursdays, so please don’t charge your EVs on Thursday nights.”

Saudi Arabia, Others Inch Closer to Oil Output-Cut Pact (login required, Thomas R.)

Plummeting oil prices and signs of a coming global oversupply are bringing producers closer to a pact to cut output.

Saudi representatives said Sunday that the kingdom would slash its exports unilaterally next month, as a broader OPEC alliance debated—but didn’t agree to—a collective production cut.

California Fires Death Toll Rises to 31 With More Winds Predicted (jdargis)

The blazes have now spread to more than 196,000 acres and threaten to destroy tens of thousands of structures, according to Cal Fire. About 228 people remain unaccounted for in the vicinity of the northern blaze. Governor Jerry Brown, meanwhile, has formally asked President Donald Trump to release new federal aid in a “major disaster declaration.’’

Neonicotinoid insecticide causes bees to abandon their young at night: study (Henry H.)

For their study, Dr Crall and team filmed the behaviour of 12 colonies of the Bombus impatiens species of bumblebee in the lab, each for five minutes, 12 times a day for two weeks.

They tracked the movement of the bees by attaching tiny paper tags to their backs, which were marked with a number and a barcode.

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