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    Daily Digest 11/11 — 10 States Sue Biden Admin. Over Mandates; Nominee Omarova Says Bankrupt Energy Companies Are a Good Sign

    by Jeanne

    Thursday, November 11, 2021, 10:37 AM


Biden Treasury nominee Saule Omarova says energy industries going ‘bankrupt’ will help ‘tackle climate change’

President Biden‘s nominee to lead a branch of the Treasury Department, Saule Omarova, said in a recently resurfaced video that she supports the idea of energy industries going “bankrupt” to combat climate change.

High Energy Prices Likely to Mean Less Oil Demand This Year, OPEC Says

Soaring energy prices are likely to crimp demand for oil in some of the world’s fastest-growing economies this year, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries said Thursday.


Timber Poachers Set a Forest on Fire. Tree DNA Sent One to Prison.

Loggers seeking a prized hardwood started the fire in the Olympic National Forest, prosecutors said. The use of timber DNA evidence was a first in a federal criminal trial.

Designers “would rather make gardens” to avoid harming the environment says Es Devlin

Devlin said that projects of this nature are becoming commonplace as creatives assess the damage their profession is doing to the environment.


Veterans exposed to burn pits will get expanded health care support, White House says

The Biden administration on Veterans Day announced a series of new support options for veterans who had been exposed to “contaminants and environmental hazards,” such as burn pits, while serving.

10 states sue Biden administration over vaccine mandate for health workers

A coalition of 10 states filed a lawsuit Wednesday against President Biden and various public health agencies and officials to challenge a federal vaccine requirement for most workers in health-care settings — the latest in an increasingly complex web of lawsuits pitting Republican-led states, sympathetic interest groups and employers against the federal government.

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  • Thu, Nov 11, 2021 - 11:10am

    You've been Nudged...!

    You've been Nudged...!

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    The Sound of Science (Simon & Garfunkel remix)

    Sing along piano cover:


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  • Thu, Nov 11, 2021 - 3:20pm



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    Who Gets Myocarditis

    Damn this is too small to read. Find a nice big graph located here

    Peak myocarditis is about age 12-14, in males, and much more after the second dose suggesting cummulative effect (or sensitization with repeated dosing.

    And, in males

    Germany has recommended not giving moderna to youth and pregnant women.  France has done the same.  And now Taiwan just did the same this week.


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  • Thu, Nov 11, 2021 - 3:48pm



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    Canuckian said:

    Taiwan warned against the Pfizer vax I believe.

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  • Thu, Nov 11, 2021 - 4:28pm


    Jim H

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    Taiwan blocks second dose of Pfizer for young....

    Excellent response to the data Sand Kitty Puppy showed earlier in this thread;

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  • Thu, Nov 11, 2021 - 4:55pm



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    One last desperate measure to try

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  • Thu, Nov 11, 2021 - 7:41pm



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    McAfee Weirdness Update

    A few months back it came to PP's attention that Pat McAfee (rich weirdo iconoclast expat troublemaker [truthteller]?) -- or someone masquerading as him -- had started a Telegram channel in which he was threatening to release info that would turn the oligarchy/MIC/whoever on their ear and blow their plans sky-high.

    Of little concern, evidently, was the fact that near as we know, Mr. McAfee committed suicide quite some time ago (or was suicided?)...

    Anyhow -- the telegram channel has been hyping today (11-11) as being the day the hammer would fall.  I've been keeping an occasional eyeball on it to see what's up.

    As of 7:38 pm EST on 11-11, there's nothing new and earthshaking.  Just some photos of (I think?) Ivanka Trump are the latest adds (from over a week ago).

    So, in case you were wondering, it appears to be a nothingburger -- unless the big drop comes at 11:11 pm on 11-11.  In which case we're about 200 minutes out...

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  • Thu, Nov 11, 2021 - 10:58pm



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    Good news on the religious exemption at my hospitals.

    The mandate for vaccination of health care workers is coming from the CMS (federal government agency that oversees Medicare and Medicaid payment to doctors and hospitals).

    They require ALL employees to be vaccinated or the hospital get fined and reduced payments for caring for Medicare and Medicaid patients.  The CMS is twisting the arms of some really unhappy hospitals.

    The hospitals in rural Virginia do NOT want to force vaccination on a population of HCWs that is culturally at odds with this mandate.  (In this area only 42% of the population is vaccinated.)   The Ballad Hospital System CEO testified in congress against mandates and begged them not to require the vax.  The CEO said mandates will make us lose half of our staff!

    So here is the kicker.  The hospitals see their way through this crisis by having the workers use the religious exemption.

    Talked with the administrative assistant to a hospital CEO and she advised:

    • All of the religious exemptions have been approved so far.  (she nodded encouragingly to me and handed me a form with two lines to state my religious views.)
    • The hospital itself has the power to approve the religious exemption.  The approval is not from the CMS.
    • With a religious exemption, the hospital can keep its skilled worker and not be fined by CMS--a win-win situation.

    She gave me a wink and a nod but could not quite explicitly say it outright:  Apply for a religious exemption.


    I also appreciate several PPers who reached out to me with guidance on the religious exemption essay process.

    Sincerely held moral or ethical beliefs about right or wrong having the strength of religious views are protected, but may not need to be religious based as traditionally viewed.

    A very experienced and religious RN here on PP gave his views.  (Identify yourself if you would like)

    Don't talk about the technical vaccine stuff or ingredients or statistics--none of this maters at all to the religious exemption.

    Talk about sincere, deeply held beliefs and feelings.  It is the presence of these personal strongly-held beliefs that is why an exemption is given.  The goodness of God.  The importance of listening in prayer.  You can quote very briefly from your scripture if this says it well.

    Keep it very shortSpeak of your heart .

    Very much appreciate this advice!

    Remember, the hospital (at least in Red States!) wants to give the religious exemption!

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  • Fri, Nov 12, 2021 - 1:59am



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    Kaiser Permanente Facing a Strike

    From an E-mail I received today...can you believe this...the audacity to claim they are bargaining in good faith and that care is their top priority. They have plans in place to ensure patients continue to receive high-quality care should a strike happen.  High quality care???  What a joke.  Here's is the entire announcement.

    What you should know about getting care during a labor strike
    Kaiser Permanente is bargaining in good faith with labor unions we are in negotiations with. The labor unions belonging to the Alliance of Health Care Unions, which represents some of our employees, have announced plans for a strike expected to begin on November 15.
    Your health and safety come first
    As always, your care is our top priority. We have plans in place to ensure you continue to receive high-quality care should a strike happen. Currently, our facilities are operating normally. Our doctors will not participate in any strike. While we intend to keep hospitals, emergency departments, and urgent care departments open throughout the duration of any union activity, we are actively coordinating with community hospitals and other needed clinical providers to help with patient needs. If you need care, visit kp.org/getcare or use our mobile app, where you’ll be able to access all your care options.
    We have changed some appointments to virtual care, including phone or video visits. We have also canceled or rescheduled some appointments, elective surgeries and procedures, including non-urgent appointments. We’ll contact you in advance if there are changes to your appointments. There’s no need to call or email your doctor’s office at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    Should a strike occur, our pharmacies will be temporarily closed. We encourage you to refill prescriptions through our mail order delivery service. If you need new or urgent prescriptions during a strike, we have many convenient local retail pharmacies to choose from

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  • Fri, Nov 12, 2021 - 8:05am



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    Inner conspiracies and outer conspiracies


    As a rule, I am open to all plausible theories, and I find many conspiratorial approaches to the Corona phenomenon to be spiritually or metaphorically accurate, even if I disagree with their details. By and large, though, I’ve resisted interpretations that detect a specific, malevolent plan behind these events. I’ve preferred to see this cascade of unrelenting, self-imposed destruction as the fruit of bureaucratic incompetence and elite stupidity. Many disagree with me, including friends like Sandpiper, who are not content with leaving the whole stage to failure. At the link you’ll find an abstract formulation of this view, which is particularly attractive, because it does not require that we accept any particular theory, but merely a model of what is happening. Sandpiper posits an “inner conspiracy” and an “outer conspiracy.” The outer conspiracy is “the way the agenda is sold … what the True Believers actually think they are doing.” The “inner conspiracy,” meanwhile, “is the small circle of people … who created the vision for their own benefit, because they have political goals they want to achieve.”

    All containment policies, since March 2020, flow from two fundamental premises, that together form a Pandemic Doctrine: 1) All pandemic infections are regrettable and to be prevented. 2) It is possible to control pandemics via social or medical technology.

    Before 2020, nobody anywhere believed either of these things—not despite, but because of long experience with semi-regular pandemic influenza outbreaks. Today, however, the Pandemic Doctrine has become one of the highest Western political orthodoxies. Asking whether the Corona response is at root a conspiracy or a failure is a less specific way of asking where the Pandemic Doctrine came from. This is a more crucial matter than even the laboratory origins of SARS-2, and so of course many details are hidden from us. We can only locate its approximate origins, somewhere in the unsettling three-act history of lockdowns and their origins:

    To summarise the ground we have covered so far: It’s true that bureaucratic initiatives and policies tend to originate with a specific circle of people—the “inner conspiracy” of Sandpiper‘s conception. But there are at any given moment a million nascent inner conspiracies. Most of them die in the womb. A select few succeed in propagating themselves throughout the system, and throughout other systems too. Thereafter the inner conspiracy ceases to matter, and there is only the “outer conspiracy,” that is to say the autonomous undirected actions of a million nameless faceless bureaucrats, which nobody can any longer control. Any further inputs would require another successfully propagated inner conspiracy, and you can’t will those into being, anymore than you can will yourself into winning the lottery. They are lightning in a bottle.

    None of this is to say that things are hopeless, only that mass containment is at root a social and political process, with properties of inertia. The policies themselves will continue to drift and decay, as the forces that drive them are expended. The Pandemic Doctrine was not a slow burn, like climate change or the campaign against carbohydrates. It was a massive explosion. The bureaucrats will never de-convert, but they will more and more turn their attention to other things, as success against Corona even on their own terms proves impossible.

    Continued in Part II.

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  • Fri, Nov 12, 2021 - 8:56am

    Arthur Robey

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    As a Freyan

    All Freyans, (Followers of Freya, the native religion of Saxons), can quote Freya.

    said, "Without liberty all other virtues serve to make you slaves, and to disgrace your origin."

    Sandbach, William R.. The Oera Linda Book (p. 34). Library of Alexandria. Kindle Edition.

    You are therefore Free to choose to have the clot-shot or to decline it.

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  • Fri, Nov 12, 2021 - 9:18am



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    yay SP!

    Congratulations on the religious exemption.  I think they base it on Title 7 or something.


    No person employed by a company covered by Title VII, or applying to work for that company, can be denied employment or treated differently with regard to any workplace decision on the basis of perceived racial, religious, national, sexual, or religious characteristics. No employee can be treated differently based on his or her association with someone who has one of these protected characteristics.

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  • Fri, Nov 12, 2021 - 9:25am

    Mike from Jersey

    Mike from Jersey

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    Replying to Good news on the religious exemption at my hospitals. (#7)


    Let's hope it runs smoothly from here.

    My best wishes.

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  • Fri, Nov 12, 2021 - 12:07pm

    Primary Care_MD

    Primary Care_MD

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    Primary Care_MD said:

    IMO, it's evil people with an evil agenda: to create a caste system whereby the top 1% cannot be overthrown, taxed, imprisoned, put on trial, indicted. They want to control all the natural resources, including people, and create a panopticon.

    The scheme is to weaken the masses by depopulation, make us sick with bad food, water, air, injections. They are good at building robots, and creating viruses, but the secret plan to cull the herd and make it appear natural isn't working like they expected. 

    MSM and academia are the nexus: their goal for the past 57 years and 355 days has been to keep us focused on a narrow range of possibilities, and constantly marginalize anyone who thinks differently (JFK assn, 9/11, Jeffrey Epstein, rigged elections, GMOs, Covid came from Wuhan regardless of whether it is man-made or zoonotic.)

    I cite as evidence the coronavirus patents, including GoFR, Event 201 simulation, WEF, The Good Club (2009), the global lock-step coordination, the censorship & propaganda, shutting down of small and medium businesses, the lies about HCQ, IVM, active coverup of vax deaths and injuries, the "Going Direct Reset" -- see below.


    By John Titus, at Solari dot com

    Summary – Going Direct Reset

    The “novel” coronavirus pandemic marks the greatest turning point in U.S. monetary history since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. In large measure, the “novel” coronavirus pandemic narrative serves as a convenient cover story that distracts from and even masks the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented maneuvers in 2020—maneuvers that happen to have been planned and discussed in August 2019 some four months prior to the first mention of any “novel” virus in Wuhan, China.

    In a nutshell, the arrival of the 2020 pandemic was about as accidental as an assassination. The pandemic narrative is nothing but a cover story to conceal from the public what in reality is the biggest asset transfer ever.

    But there is something else about the Fed’s actions in 2020 that makes them independently remarkable in a truly breathtaking way: while the Fed insisted throughout this episode that the extraordinary actions it took were all emergency measures necessitated by the onset of an alleged virus pandemic beginning in December 2019, the irrefutable fact of the matter is that the Fed’s novel and extraordinary acts were carried out in accordance with the plan presented to the Fed on August 22, 2019—four months before anyone had ever heard of SARS-CoV-2.





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