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    Daily Digest 11/10 – Good News Friday: Mimicking The Natural World, A 10-Year Malt Whisky In Weeks

    by DailyDigest

    Friday, November 10, 2017, 3:46 PM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Texas releases disabled migrant girl Rosa Maria Hernandez (sv)

“Rosa Maria is finally free,” said ACLU lawyer Michael Tan in a statement on Friday.

“We’re thrilled that she can go home to heal surrounded by her family’s love and support.”

Tax Breaks for Oil, Wind, Electric Cars Survive in Senate Bill (jdargis)

A production tax credit for energy from wind and other renewables worth billions of dollars would also continue as is. That’s a break from a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives expected on the floor as soon as next week that would reduce the value of that credit by more than a third and also includes a provision that would make it harder for wind farms still under construction to receive the credit.

Nevada Pardons Wrongfully Convicted Man Featured in Our Story (jdargis)

Steese, a young, poorly educated drifter, was arrested in 1992 for the grisly murder of Gerard Soules, a Las Vegas performer with a costumed poodle act at the Circus Circus casino. At the time of Soules’ death, Steese was several states away. But prosecutors didn’t reveal that they had evidence that Steese was telling the truth, instead telling jurors that Steese had fabricated his alibi with the help of his look-alike brother. During the trial, the prosecutors also concealed the nature of several photo lineups pointing to Steese’s innocence and accused the defense of manufacturing evidence.

In a City of Firsts, Hoboken Elects a Sikh as Mayor (sv)

“I feel exhilarated,” Mr. Bhalla, 44, said in an interview on Wednesday. “I didn’t have any expectations one way or another of victory or defeat, I was prepared for both. And I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to serve Hoboken.”

Mayor-elect Bhalla, a 17-year resident of the city, had won elections in 2009 and 2013 to the City Council and twice served as its president. He was endorsed for mayor by the incumbent, Dawn Zimmer, who announced in June that she would not seek re-election. Mr. Bhalla and Ms. Zimmer are both Democrats, though Hoboken’s mayoral elections are nonpartisan.

Can you make a 10-year malt whisky in weeks? The chemistry says yes (tmn)

The first step is to germinate the grain in water. This releases enzymes that break down starches in the grain into sugars. This process is stopped by drying, and the “malt” (the germinated grain) is collected, before the sugars are redissolved in water. Yeast is then added to convert the sugars to alcohol. By the end of this stage, the brew contains about 8% alcohol.

Uber loses appeal in UK employment rights case (Jen H.)

Farrar said: “Uber cannot go on flouting UK law with impunity and depriving people of their minimum-wage rights. We have done everything we can, now it is time for the mayor of London, Transport for London and the transport secretary to step up and use their leverage to defend worker rights rather than turn a blind eye to sweatshop conditions.”

US House Science Committee just had a rational hearing about climate (tmn)

Smith made his reasons clear. “As the climate continues to change, geoengineering could become a tool to curb resulting impacts. Instead of forcing unworkable and costly government mandates on the American people, we should look to technology and innovation to lead the way to address climate change,” Smith said.

Biomimicry: How Designers Are Learning from the Natural World (jdargis)

Janine Benyus, who coined the term “biomimicry” back in 1997, believes that designers have a lot to learn from the natural world. Those lessons can come from various sources, like: studying prairie dog burrows to build better air ventilation systems, mimicking shark skin to create bacteria-resistant plastic surfaces for hospitals, or arranging wind turbines in the same drag-reducing pattern that schools of fish swim in.

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