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    Daily Digest 10/7 – Trump Orders Cut to National Security Staff, The Fight To Save The Giant Sequoia

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    Monday, October 7, 2019, 8:21 AM


Amid Trade War, Farmers Lean on a New Crop: Hemp (TS)

In December 2018, the federal farm bill removed a ban that classified hemp as a controlled substance equivalent to heroin. The shift coincided with the sudden popularity of CBD, which some claim can soothe ailments from depression to menstrual cramps.

Trump Orders Cut to National Security Staff After Whistle-Blower (Sparky1)

The request to limit the size of the NSC staff was conveyed to senior agency officials by acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and O’Brien this week. The whistle-blower complaint, focused on Trump’s conduct in a July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has been followed by damaging reports on the president’s private conversations with other world leaders.

Will US dollar devaluation be Trump’s next sudden move? (thc0655)

The Fed’s policy prescription is plain: Cut rates enough to steepen the yield curve. Borrowing conditions might not move much but the effect on the dollar could be significant. It is an epic historical anomaly that almost all the world’s major countries’ sovereign debt trades with a yield below the U.S. over-night risk free rate — a rate profile clearly helping to prop up the U.S. dollar.

Drone Reveals Bizarre 4,000-Year-Old ‘Mole Town’ Where People Live Entirely Underground (Thomas R.)

To even get a peek of this remote place, nicknamed the “mole town,” the world needed to use drones. Nonetheless, people have called it home for a millennia, largely undisturbed. Now, this amazing aerial drone footage of the ancient city has been made available to the public, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

In the Pancreas, Common Fungi May Drive Cancer (tmn)

Researchers were surprised by the presence of fungi in the typical pancreas and immense increase in their numbers in disease. “The pancreas was considered a sterile organ until a couple years ago,” said Dr. George Miller, a surgical oncologist at the New York University School of Medicine who led the study.

Without oversight, scores of accused priests commit crimes (tmn)

A recent push by Roman Catholic dioceses across the U.S. to publish the names of those it considers to be credibly accused has opened a window into the daunting problem of how to monitor and track priests who often were never criminally charged and, in many cases, were removed from or left the church to live as private citizens.

New York City Wants to Put a Climate Change ‘Laboratory’ on Governors Island (jdargis)

“Being an island in the middle of a harbor — there’s no better place to put the heart of climate adaptation and education,” Mr. Samuelian said. He said Governors Island, which is less than a mile from Wall Street, should become a “visible representation of what these issues we’re going to be confronting are.”

‘Once they’re gone, they’re gone’: the fight to save the giant sequoia (jdargis)

Although sequoias have evolved to withstand temperature changes, extreme heat and fire, drought and destructive wildfires are now proving to be the biggest threats to their survival.

Curiously, decades of humans fighting fires has made the problem worse.

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