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    Daily Digest 10/7 – India’s Population Bomb, Finding The Right Words For Very Bad News

    by DailyDigest

    Sunday, October 7, 2018, 6:17 PM


One Click Closer to Annihilation (Paul D.)

It is difficult to imagine how the United States might avoid a new war in the Middle East given the recent statements that have come out of Washington, and, given that the Russians are also active in the region, a rapid and massive escalation of something that starts out as a minor incident should not be ruled out.

Could Trump Take Down the American Empire? (Paul D.)

But Trump’s unorthodox approach has already emboldened him to challenge the essential logic of the U.S. military empire more than any previous president. And the final years of his administration will certainly bring further struggles over the issues on which he has jousted repeatedly with those in charge of the empire.

More Cold War extremism and crises – by Stephen F. Cohen (Paul D.)

Astonishingly, neither the Times nor the Post give any credence to the emphatic statement made at least one week before by Bob Woodward—normally considered the most authoritative chronicler of Washington’s political secrets—that after two years of research he hadfound “no evidence of collusion” between Trump and Russia.

Australia And New Zealand Are Ground Zero For Chinese Influence (Sparky1)

“I was shocked,” remembers Hamilton. “I felt betrayed. We knew this was a difficult subject. We knew that Beijing has some powerful friends in Australia. We knew that the Chinese government would be highly critical of the book and of me. Of course, it was great comfort to have a really good, solid publisher behind me, and all of a sudden I was left out there on the battlefield, looking over my shoulder, saying, ‘Where is my support?’ ”

Fed Chair Powell Hints He May Soon Crash The Market (Thomas R.)

When we last touched on this topic we said that “Fed Chair Powell has yet to tip his hand whether he leans more toward controlling inflation or avoiding the bursting of the biggest ever asset bubble.”

Well, as of Powell’s latest speech, the answer appears clear: Powell will push above, and perhaps far above, the neutral rate. And, as the following chart, every time this has happened, a bear market has inevitably followed.

India’s Population Bomb: The Explosion Within (Paul D.)

However, it’s on record that the issue of population explosion was raised quite early after Independence by none other than the doyen of Indian industry, JRD Tata, with the first Prime Minister of this country, Jawaharlal Nehru, who seems to have laughed off the idea saying that people are resources for the country. But this very issue has been the impediment in better progress of the country, economically and socially. Today, the issue has raised its head to demonic proportion, with no inkling of slightest attempt to address it from the government and non-governmental agencies.

Charting a Jagged Course Through the Apocalypse (Paul D.)

At some point our system’s requirement for infinite economic growth will hit the limits of a finite planet. As the ensuing collision transpires there will be widespread famine, mass migration, and disease. Thus setting the stage for military conflict on a global scale. People rarely go gently into the night when their backs are thrust against a wall. For instance, it wouldn’t necessarily be surprising if Pakistan and India end up in a nuclear war over water rights to the Indus river system.

Forgetting Venezuela’s Animals (Tom L Pierson)

Venezuela’s socialist revolution was going to be pretty; environmental. Clean. Quaint. And why not? Funded by oil (most of which was refined elsewhere), couldn’t they lay back, rake in the money and let other countries struggle with industry and business. Couldn’t they turn their country – an Eden of sorts, it really was – into a paradise? “We have been witnesses to the endless deforestation, the deterioration of the land, desertification, the overuse of our fresh water reservoirs, the over-fishing of our seas, the contamination and loss of our biodiversity. The survival of our species hangs on the conscience of humanity,” Hugo Chavez said at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2012 – that singular moment, that great achievement of the Bolivarian Alliance where they defeated President Obama, sending the Americans home empty-handed.

It didn’t go far enough, they said. Back when their political project had energy – buttressed by idiots at home and abroad – and the animals in their zoos still had flesh on their bones.

Do Vitamin D Supplements Help Your Bones? Not According To A New Study (Thomas R.)

Of course, these results are not saying that naturally-occurring vitamin D is useless. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and build and maintain your bones. It also blocks your parathyroid gland from releasing parathyroid hormone, which breaks down your bones. The question is whether taking those Vitamin D supplements has any beneficial effect.

Since 1965, the Stock Market Has Done This on Exactly Two Days, Including October 3, 2018 (Thomas R.)

December 28, 1999. The Dow was just days prior to hitting 11,722 on January 10, 2000, which would mark its long-term top. It would bottom at 8,062 on September 21, 2001. A 32% decline. The Nasdaq lost over 60% of its value during that same period, and would decline 78% from its all-time high.

Climate scientists are struggling to find the right words for very bad news (Paul D.)

So enormous, he said, that it would require a monumental shift toward decarbonization. By 2030 – barely a decade away – the world’s emissions would need to drop by about 40 per cent. By the middle of the century, societies would need to have zero net emissions. What might that look like? In part, it would include things such as no more gas-powered vehicles, a phaseout of coal-fired power plants and airplanes running on biofuels, he said.

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