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    Daily Digest 10/31 – Rent Eating Up Record Share of Americans’ Income, The Return Of Deepwater Oil

    by DailyDigest

    Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 2:22 PM


Rent Is Eating Up a Record Share of Americans’ Income (Adam)

Rising shelter costs have accounted for most of the inflation in the U.S. during this economic expansion. While part of the rising rental share of spending may result from falling homeownership in recent years, the price index for rental of tenant-occupied nonfarm housing rose 3.7 percent in the year through September, according to data published Monday by the Commerce Department, near the fastest pace seen in the last decade.

Facebook denies eavesdropping on conversations to target ads, again (tmn)

The biggest fuel for the fire, however, is the sheer number of uncanny coincidences that many users have experienced. In the responses to Reply All, people described adverts for cat food after discussing getting a cat, for phone holders after expressing desire for them, and stating “so you popped the question!” minutes after a wedding proposal.

I Was Force-Fed at Guantanamo. What Guards Are Doing Now Is Worse. (tmn)

I stopped eating not because I wanted to die, but because I could not keep living without doing something to protest the injustice of my treatment. They could lock me up for no reason and with no chance to argue my innocence. They could torture me, deprive me of sleep, put me in an isolation cell, control every single aspect of my life. But they couldn’t make me swallow their food. And I knew they wouldn’t let a detainee starve to death.

What’s Killing America’s New Mothers? (tmn)

There’s an assumption that death from childbirth is just not something that happens—not in America, or at the very least not in Matt and Liz’s America. “We were very healthy people living in Southern California, with great jobs; [Liz] was very healthy—she didn’t smoke, she barely drank,” Matt says. “We thought we were untouchable,” he adds ruefully.

Catalan Chess Game Gives Rajoy Upper Hand With Endgame Unclear (jdargis)

“This will have huge consequences for the political life of Spain and particularly Catalonia,” said Ken Dubin, a political scientist at ISDE law school and IE business school in Madrid. “Its effects could last a generation.”

The Return Of Deepwater Oil (Michael K.)

But what makes the most recent auction different is that it will allow international firms to not only take stakes in offshore projects, but also lead on them. It is the fruit of a major policy overhaul from 2016, which scrapped a law that required Brazil’s state-owned oil company Petrobras to be the operator on all offshore projects in the pre-salt – Brazil’s deepwater reserves located beneath a thick layer of salt. That law also said that Petrobras had to own 30 percent of pre-salt projects.

Loss of Federal Protections May Imperil Pacific Reefs, Scientists Warn (jdargis)

The memo did not mention the largest marine reserve: Papahānaumokuākea, a string of mostly uninhabited atolls and reefs that have been largely undisturbed since World War II. At about 583,000 square miles, it is the largest protected area on the planet. (Industry officials in Hawaii are pressing for commercial fishing to be allowed there, too.)

Vegetables at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and More Recalled Due to Listeria (jdargis)

The FDA does not recommend washing pre-washed vegetables yourself, saying, “If the package indicates that the contents have been pre-washed and are ready-to-eat, you can use the product without further washing,” adding that “It is unlikely that consumer washing of such products will make the product cleaner compared to a commercial triple wash.” However, research indicates that washing, either by the producer or the consumer, doesn’t necessarily remove the risk of foodborne illness. That’s why constant vigilance and regulation (including from our neighbors up north) is so important.

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