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    Daily Digest 10/26 – The CIA’s Deal With Amazon, Surgery by Flashlight In PR

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    Thursday, October 26, 2017, 1:57 PM


The Details About the CIA’s Deal With Amazon (lambertad)

The government was spending more money on information technology within the IC than ever before. IT spending reached $8 billion in 2013, according to budget documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. The CIA and other agencies feasibly could have spent billions of dollars standing up their own cloud infrastructure without raising many eyebrows in Congress, but the decision to purchase a single commercial solution came down primarily to two factors.

In Puerto Rico, Surgery by Flashlight Is Just the Beginning (tmn)

Electricity is also crucial for communication. And clear communication is essential for relief and recovery efforts. Last month, I wrote for Slate that Puerto Rico was receiving short-term aid in the form of oil, water, and food delivery and that representatives of the territory were satisfied with initial relief efforts. But the past few weeks have shown that the recovery was too small in scale. Delivering supplies is irrelevant when people don’t know where or how to get them. On Friday, the Wall Street Journal wrote:

War, Flowers, Silver, Gold and The “Plan” (GE Christenson)

Ten years ago the U.S. fought in Iraq. That worked out well for the military contractors but not for people or global economies.

Today the U.S. is bombing several countries and threatening others. How will this benefit people and global economies?

EXCLUSIVE: US Preparing to Put Nuclear Bombers Back on 24-Hour Alert (tmn)

Goldfein and other senior defense officials stressed that the alert order had not been given, but that preparations were under way in anticipation that it might come. That decision would be made by Gen. John Hyten, the commander of U.S. Strategic Command, or Gen. Lori Robinson, the head of U.S. Northern Command. STRATCOM is in charge of the military’s nuclear forces and NORTHCOM is in charge of defending North America.

Burning Memories (jdargis)

In an ideal world, we’d keep both the copy and the original—not only because the originals represent a direct connection with the human who made them (they have an “aura,” as Walter Benjamin famously put it) but also because the copies are unreliable, too. File and media formats are in constant flux; a big chunk of my writing from the 1980s is lost in the tarpit of WordPerfect 4.2. At some point, probably in our lifetimes, the Windows and Mac file systems will become as inaccessible as Super 8 and reel-to-reel are today. Someday even Google might face budget cuts, engineering disasters, or other threats to its stewardship of our data. It’s just a 20-year-old corporation, after all. Companies often make promises about trust and longevity, but they’re at the mercy of shareholders and markets.

Two Undeniable Shifts In Today’s Energy Markets (Michael K.)

Demand for electricity is expected to grow strongly due to the rapid global economic and population growth. Right now, over a billion people don’t have access to electricity, and billions of those who do have access only have it for a few hours a day. As economies of emerging and developing countries are poised for growth, demand for electricity is expected to grow strongly. Furthermore, additional demand for electricity is expected to result from a structural shift in the transportation sector.

Rocking The AC (DennisC)

I set the thermostat to 75°F (24°C) flipped the switch at 4PM, and immediately rushed to TED to see what he thought of our unfamiliar visitor. I had never seen anything like it. TED was screaming that we had over five kilowatts running! Previously, the highest rate of electricity consumption I had ever seen in our household was in the neighborhood of 3 kW when both the microwave and toaster oven were in simultaneous operation.

US study finds rise in human glyphosate levels (Adam)

Among the study group, detectable amounts increased from an average of 0.20 micrograms per liter in 1993-1996 to an average of 0.44 micrograms in 2014-2016.

These figures are far from the daily limit of 1.75 milligrams per kilogram set by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the even stricter limit of 0.3 milligrams per kilogram in the European Union.

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