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    Daily Digest 10/26 – Institutional Fish Ate Your Pension Plan, Paying Till It Hurts

    by DailyDigest

    Sunday, October 26, 2014, 3:49 PM


Institutional Fish Ate Your Pension Plan (thc0655)

The big funds can play the game, but they really shouldn’t, because they can’t win. Not in the end. Not when the chips are down. The reason is that they cannot fold. And the others at the table know this, and immediately recognize this for the fatal flaw it is. No matter how smart and sophisticated institutional investors and their fund managers may be, in ultimo they are, to put it in poker terms, the ‘designated’ fish.

No court hearings for civil cases (Alan W.)

Kathimerini understands that in a bid to speed up the justice process, the ministry is to change the way that courts deal with civil cases. According to the new plans, once a suit has been filed both sides will have around 130 days to submit the relevant documents, including witness statements.

As Insurers Try to Limit Costs, Providers Hit Patients With More Separate Fees (jdargis)

As insurers ratchet down payments to physicians and hospitals, these providers are pushing back with a host of new charges: Ophthalmologists are increasingly levying separate “refraction fees” to assess vision acuity. Orthopedic clinics impose fees to put an arm in a cast or provide a splint, in addition to the usual bill for the office visit. On maternity wards, new mothers pay for a lactation consultant. An emergency room charges an “activation fee” in addition to its facility charges. Psychologists who have agreed to an insurer’s negotiated rate for neuropsychological testing bill patients an additional $2,000 for an “administration charge.”

Off-grid German village banks on wind, sun, pig manure (thc0655)

“This money is no longer going to Arab sheiks or (Russian President) Vladimir Putin,” he said at the village 80 kilometres (50 miles) southwest of Berlin. “This money is now staying right here.”

Finland keen to tie-up with India in cleantech, ICT, education (Alan W)

“These are all issues that Finland has dealt with over the decades. Finns have managed to cut down harmful environmental impacts while maintaining steady economic growth. By working together, Finland and India can help each other build an economically and ecologically sustainable future,” Finska told visiting Indian journalists.

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