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    Daily Digest 10/20 — Facebook Doubles Down on “Metaverse”; More Bad News for Chinese Real Estate

    by Jeanne

    Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 7:35 PM


China property: Default risks for other developers, PBOC on Evergrande

All eyes will be on Chinese real estate developer Sinic Holdings, which warned last week it’s not likely to repay offshore bonds worth $250 million due on Monday. On Friday, another developer, China Properties Group, said it had defaulted on $226 million worth of notes.

Bitcoin closed in on a record high after a US bitcoin ETF started trading

Bitcoin prices climbed toward a record high after the first US exchange-traded fund for the digital asset started trading.


Facebook to create 10,000 jobs in EU to help build ‘metaverse

Facebook and other tech firms envision the metaverse as a world where people lead their social and professional lives virtually, via virtual reality headsets such as Facebook’s Oculus Rift

Foxconn reveals ‘Foxtron’ EV brand, teases new cars and electric bus

Foxconn wasn’t kidding about getting into the car building business, and it has a lot to share next week.


In a First, Surgeons Attached a Pig Kidney to a Human — and It Worked

Surgeons in New York have successfully attached a kidney grown in a genetically altered pig to a human patient and found that the organ worked normally, a scientific breakthrough that one day may yield a vast new supply of organs for severely ill patients.

EXCLUSIVE WHO-led programme aims to buy antiviral COVID-19 pills for $10

A World Health Organization-led programme to ensure poorer countries get fair access to COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments aims to secure antiviral drugs for patients with mild symptoms for as little as $10 per course, a draft document seen by Reuters says.





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  • Wed, Oct 20, 2021 - 9:11pm


    Arthur Robey

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    Vaccidents and other Stuff from Clif_High

    Short version: We're at war.

    (Max Egan of the Crow House on Bitchute has taken the gap to Mexico, fled Australia)

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  • Thu, Oct 21, 2021 - 1:20am


    Arthur Robey

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    Pig Transplant.

    Do you remember the lady who, when she discovered that we are descended from apes, remarked that she hoped that the news didn't get out?

    Well lady; it gets worse. Much worse. Guess who the other relative is. No Peeking now.

    Let Evolutionary biologist Dr. Eugene McCarthy rip the blankets off the nuptial bed.


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  • Thu, Oct 21, 2021 - 12:42pm



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    German journalist awakens from the mass psychosis and causes a big fuss


    Ole Skambraks is an employee of German public broadcasting. His latest essay also brands him as a heretic in the Church of Corona and a traitor to the Pandemic Narrative.

    Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from Multipolar Magazin. The translator includes this prefatory note:

    I find it quite amazing that he addresses something we’ve been complaining about for YEARS. This is nothing NEW, but it took this Plandemic to rattle his (forced-funded by the taxpayer) gilded cage and wake him up. Better late than never, and I guess we should be thankful for even this little crumb of guilty conscience.

    The translated article:

    I can’t do it anymore

    In an open letter, an ARD [German regional public broadcaster] employee is critical of one and a half years of Corona reporting: Ole Skambraks has been working as an editorial staff member and editor with public broadcasting for twelve years.

    I can no longer be silent. I can no longer silently accept what has been going on for a year and a half at my employer, the public service broadcaster. In the statutes and state media treaties, things like “balance”, “social cohesion” and “diversity” are anchored in the reporting. The exact opposite is practiced. There is no real discourse and exchange in which all parts of society can find themselves included.

    Right from the start, I was of the opinion that public service broadcasting should fill exactly this space: promoting dialogue between proponents and critics, between people who are afraid of the virus and people who are afraid of losing their fundamental rights, between vaccination advocates and skeptics. But for the past year and a half, the space for discussion has narrowed considerably.

    Scientists who were respected in the time before Corona, who were given space in public discourse, are suddenly crazy, tinfoil-hat wearers or Covidiots. As a much-cited example, reference is made to Wolfgang Wodarg. He is a multiple specialist, epidemiologist and long-standing health politician. Until the Corona crisis, he was also on the board of Transparency International. In 2010, as chairman of the health committee in the Council of Europe, he exposed the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the swine flu pandemic. At that time he was able to express his opinion personally on public broadcasting, but since Corona this has not been possible anymore. So-called fact-checkers have taken his place and discredit him.

    Crippling consensus

    Instead of an open exchange of views, a “scientific consensus” was proclaimed, which must be defended. Anyone who doubts this and calls for a multidimensional perspective on the pandemic earns outrage and malice.…

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