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    Daily Digest 10/13 – Trapped By The “Walmart Of Heroin,” Best Government Money Can Buy

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    Saturday, October 13, 2018, 4:39 PM


You might not be anonymous, thanks to genealogy databases (Sparky1)

“Usually, we think about paternity tests, you can find the father, you can find siblings, but with the advance of more powerful techniques in genomics, you can now actually identify third cousins, even fourth cousins in some cases,” said Yaniv Erlich, lead author of the study and an associate professor of computer science at Columbia University. Once distant relatives have been found, unidentified “anonymous” DNA can lead you to a specific person, according to the study.

Could Donald Trump be the last world emperor? (Paul D.)

The whole political debate in the US reflects this situation. The Dems (or the Left) have come to embrace the Imperialist viewpoint, pursuing an aggressive foreign policy. The Reps (or the Right) are no enemies of the Empire, but many of them favor retrenching within the US national borders. There is a certain logic in these positions: the political base of the Dems is in the impoverished remnants of the middle class and, for them, the only hope of survival is the economic expansion that could come from plundering foreign countries. The Reps, instead, represent the elites and, for them, the easiest way of maintaining their dominance is to plunder the American middle class.

Jim Rogers: Worst Crisis In My Lifetime (Herman J.)

While gold and silver have held up well during the sell-off over the last couple days, Rogers says the precious metals’ could fall.

Lastly, Rogers talks commodities other than precious metals. He says sugar is 80 percent below its all time high.

Best Government Money Can Buy (Paul D.)

Adelson is somewhat unhinged on the issue of Iran and has even called for dropping a nuclear bomb on a desert region of the country as a negotiating tactic to show “we mean business” so Washington could then “impose its demands [on Iran] from a position of strength.” If Iran continued to resist, Adelson would [like] to drop the next one on Tehran. If Tehran were to be nuked millions of Iranians would die, which doesn’t bother Adelson one bit. Such a development would, in Adelson’s opinion, be good for Israel, which is his primary concern.

Watch Boston Dynamics’ Humanoid Robot Do Parkour (Sparky1)

Yes, that parkour. In a new video, you can see Atlas bounding up a multi-layered platform, shifting its weight from its right foot to its left foot, and back to the right foot as it runs up the steps. Like Atlas’ previous athletic achievements, the maneuver is hypnotizing.

After Soyuz Failure, Space Is Now Weirdly Inaccessible to Astronauts (Thomas R.)

It’s the first incident of its kind for Roscosmos—Russia’s space agency—since the fall of the Soviet Union. In response, Russian officials have suspended all crewed launches pending a review of the booster rocket failure. A criminal probe is also underway to determine if safety regulations were violated during construction. To that end, a Russian government Investigative Committee is inspecting the launch site and seizing documents, AFP reports.

Trapped by the ‘Walmart of Heroin’ (tmn)

“I’ve never been so sick in my life,” Mark said. “It was like the alien in the movie was going to pop out of my chest, things I’ve never experienced going through detox before.” They tried dosing themselves with Suboxone, a synthetic opioid that eases the pain of withdrawal. They had used it before to get sober. Now it wasn’t helping. The addiction was too powerful and the withdrawal too excruciating. “I knew then that I wasn’t going to leave,” he said. “That we couldn’t leave.”

Another NASA space telescope just went into safe mode (Thomas R.)

Instruments go into safe mode to protect themselves during hardware or software failures or glitches, leaving only essential survival systems operating. The space agency is now investigating the cause of the safe-mode transition.

Ebola 2018 Update: Still Dicking Around With Dynamite (thc0655)

They also failed to report any numbers regarding ongoing pro-active vaccination, which to date seems to be the only thing keeping this outbreak localized. I have no idea whether this is because they aren’t doing that any more, or just don’t have the numbers, or what.

USDA Surprises with Crop Yield Cut (newsbuoy)

Soybean futures followed corn higher, reversing earlier losses as the government’s harvest outlook fell short of the average trade estimate, while wheat prices declined.

In its monthly supply-and-demand report, the USDA raised its corn crop forecast by less than expected to 14.778 billion bushels. The average yield was trimmed to 180.7 bushels per acre, which surprised traders that had been expecting an increase.

High CO2 levels cause plants to thicken their leaves, could worsen climate change effects (Paul D.)

“If this single trait—leaf thickness—in high carbon dioxide levels has such a significant impact on the course of future climate change, we believe that global climate models should take other aspects of plant physiology and plant behavior into account when trying to forecast what the climate will look like later this century,” said Kovenock, who is lead author on the paper.

#ICYMI: Climate change could destroy us all, but who cares?! (Paul D.)

Politicians seemed largely unmoved by the desperate plea to their moral sensibilities, and the general public was too busy checking their iPhones to notice.

Victims of Hurricane Michael voted for climate deniers (Paul D.)

It is a wonder that a state like Florida, which will get pummeled by Michael, could vote for someone that denies climate change. Think of how backwards the situation is – the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has reportedly been banned from using the terms “climate change” and “global warming”. This policy reportedly went into effect when Florida elected a science denier, Rick Scott, to governor.

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