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    Daily Digest 10/11 – Unsustainable Trends About To Collide, Will The Real Inflation Rate Please Stand Up?

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, October 11, 2014, 4:33 PM


Ready or not: Three unsustainable trends are about to collide (cmartenson)

The only nonpainful way out of such a math bind is to reverse the situation and grow our income faster than our debts and liabilities. The painful way involves either a hard default or a stealth default via inflation. Let’s assume we all wish to avoid the painful route.

The Market Cycle’s Slippery Slope (Tyler K.)

The tech bubble that peaked in 2000 crashed by 78% and it’ll likely crash again after approaching its highs. And when stocks proved fallible, investors rushed into real estate — the one thing that couldn’t go down. They couldn’t have made a greater mistake — it fell by 34% between 2006 and 2011 — with the worst sectors down by 55%. That really hurts when you are highly leveraged with a mortgage.

My promise here… even though it had a weak bounce: It will drop again (and don’t even get me going on China).

10 New Insights into Sleep: Discover What The Latest Psych Research Has Taught Us (Arthur Robey)

Just believing that you’ve slept better than you really have is enough to boost cognitive performance the next day.

The findings comes from a study of 164 people who were given a lecture on how important sleep quality is and told they would be given a new test of how well they had slept the previous night.

Will The Real Inflation Rate Please Stand Up? (bobwise32952)

How bad is inflation today? No knows for sure. There’s a widely followed official estimate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Consumer Price Index (CPI). (Inflation is measured as the change in the CPI, month to month or year to year.) Through the 1970s and early 80s, everyone looked to the CPI to measure inflation. But since then, BLS has changed its methods and even its definition of what the CPI measures.

Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers, seems to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline (Ben Johnson)

Anyway, now that we’ve got the necessary cynicism/scrutiny out of the way, let’s get down to what everyone’s really interested in: The utterly insane amounts of energy produced by the E-Cat. In the table below you can see some figures from the 32-day test. The most important figures are on the right hand side: a COP (coefficient of performance) of up to 3.74, and net power production of 2,373 watts. Remember that this is a small device that produced these kinds of figures for 32 days straight. Total energy obtained over 32 days was 1.5 MWh.

Here’s why shale oil stocks are tanking (thetallestmanonearth)

Here’s how you might finance the $10 million deal. First, get a line of credit from a bank based on the value of the reserves. In turn, the lender becomes a secured creditor. Let’s say that based on a value of $20 million, a secured lender is willing to put up $5 million.

You can fund another $2 million from your own cash flow. Now you have $7 million.

The Amish Farmers Reinventing Organic Agriculture (Alan W.)

I recently sought out Samuel Zook, one of Kempf’s earliest converts, at his farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see Advancing Eco Agriculture’s practices in action. After trailing a leisurely horse and carriage in my car for several miles, I was greeted at the farm by a bounding dog and Zook’s young barefoot son. The boy stared silently with his arms wrapped around a watermelon almost as big as himself. In a straw hat and suspenders, he looked like a miniature version of his father. The elder Zook smiled demurely through a neatly trimmed beard and extended his hand before inviting me on a tour of his fields. A hushed gaggle of children tripped along behind us as we walked among the bales of hay and rows of tomatoes, onions, melons, and squash.

U.S. Edges Closer To Energy Independence (jdargis)

The vast majority of the country’s imports come in the form of petroleum products and crude oil. These imports have been decreasing as new sources of oil are tapped and automotive efficiency standards are tightening. Refined petroleum products remain the largest US energy export; smaller quantities of coal and natural gas are also shipped overseas.

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  • Sun, Oct 12, 2014 - 3:10am


    Arthur Robey

    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

    Joined: Feb 03 2010

    Posts: 1814

    au contraire

    This collapse meme is all over the blogosphere and a little alarm bell is beginning to tinkle in my mind. Where is the argument to the contrary? The MSM propaganda does not count and can be dismissed out of hand.

    What 180 degree opposed argument can I pluck out of thin air? Its probably not fruitful, but it might be fun.

    Lessee. I suppose dot-point would be the best way to go.

    • There is an infinite energy source waiting in the wings, for the right time as dictated by some very farsighted social engineers. (aliens?)
    • These same engineers have added just the right amount of prophylactics to the environment to weaken our already inadequate fecundity. (Consider the number of times a bitch needs to be covered to produce a litter of pups. This perspective was offered by the Ape/pig hypothesis.)
    • Virtual worlds, such as this missive, are enabled to further slow down our destructive effectiveness in the real world either by the Wise Engineers or by happenstance.
    • Money and debt are just constructs of a demented Left brain and have no real world significance. There is no conservation law for money nor for mathematical digits. Like my speculation, they are ex nihilo and become nihilo without affecting the rotation of the Earth.

    Well that was fun, but The Limits to Growth brings me back to reality with a thump. Never-the-less it was "only" a map. A very august map, but still a map.

    Now reality calls and I have to do things.


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  • Sun, Oct 12, 2014 - 7:13am


    Arthur Robey

    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

    Joined: Feb 03 2010

    Posts: 1814

    Ask the Rossi Verification Team Questions

    Here is a forum for asking questions of the team that did the Rossi verification. The questions so far seem to be quite acidic.


    At exactly 10:40 swedish time Elforsk CEO Magnus Olofsson published an article in Ny Teknik. Within minutes oil futures took another plunge. Thanks to Trokel at sifferkoll oil2.png


    Somebody is taking notes.

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  • Sun, Oct 12, 2014 - 7:51am


    Arthur Robey

    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

    Joined: Feb 03 2010

    Posts: 1814

    Sorry about the flood.

    But this has just got to be viewed. It does this Baby Boomer's heart good to see the younger generations stick the knife of mockery deep into the beast.

    News that was censored from the MSM,

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  • Sun, Oct 12, 2014 - 3:23pm



    Status Gold Member (Offline)

    Joined: Apr 13 2008

    Posts: 1085

    Good article, Alan

    I enjoyed the article on the new Amish farming approach to strengthen plants' immune systems (vs spraying) Alan; thanks for posting!


    PS Nice article in Market Watch, Chris; you go!

    PSS Arthur, great video clip!  Deep sigh; adding"increasing ocean acidity" to my list of "major environmental concerns I didn't even know existed"!

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