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    Daily Digest 1/9 , FBI Whistleblowers Reveal Themselves, Disaster Centennial

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    Thursday, January 9, 2014, 3:44 PM


2 Goodyear Managers Held Captive In 'Boss-Napping' (westcoastjan)

The release outraged union members, who made a bonfire of tires in front of the plant. It also left unresolved the larger problems that have dogged the factory in Amiens in northern France, which Goodyear has tried to sell or shutter for over five years. Union leaders said Tuesday that workers would occupy the factory complex until managers negotiate with them over severance pay.

Former Tory minister on the hot seat over Enbridge lobbying gig (westcoastjan)

Cullen acknowledges that, as a former minister, Strahl is currently barred from lobbying the federal government under the cooling-off provisions put in place by the Conservatives in 2006, but warns that "vague guidelines" could allow him to "skirt the rules and lobby the province. even on a federal pipeline issue."

Health Officials Respond to Beach Radiation Scare (kelvinator)

The county inspector measured the beach to have a radiation level of about 100 micro-REM per hour, or about five times the normal amount…Peterson admitted he was “befuddled” as to why radiation levels were higher than normal, but he was skeptical that the Fukushima meltdown could be the cause.

SCE&G suspends rolling blackouts (Wendy SD)

SC -Thousands statewide were without power Tuesday as SCE&G worked feverishly to restore services as the temperatures dropped to levels not seen in years. At the height of the outages, more than 51,000 customers were without power. SCE&G says it was a combination of technical issues and usage. The company was forced to conduct rolling blackouts or have more systems fail. The rolling blackouts were a first for the utility.

Whistleblowers Who Broke Into The FBI 43 Years Ago Finally Reveal Themselves (RW)

The activists, calling themselves the Citizens Committee to Investigate the FBI, pored over the stolen documents, sending the newsworthy ones to reporters at the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post. When the Post published a story on the documents a few days later, the activists and hundreds of others became the subjects of a massive, five-year long investigation involving over 200 FBI agents. The revelations also led to the formation of the now famous Church Committee and several major privacy reforms were passed by Congress.

Yahoo malware enslaves PCs to Bitcoin mining (westcoastjan)

"The first one to guess the right number gets 25 bitcoins and if you have a large volume of computers guessing in a co-ordinated way then you have a more efficient way of making money," he added.

Other than a computer running slower, victims will be unaware that their machine is being used in what could become known as a "bitnet".

Inflation vs Deflation – Monetary Tectonics In 25 Amazing Charts (Taki T.)

How is gold impacted in this inflation vs deflation war? The key conclusion of the research is that, due to the fractional reserve banking system and the dynamics of the ‘monetary tectonics’, inflationary and deflationary phases will alternate in the foreseeable future. Gold, being a monetary asset in the view of Austrian economics, tends to rise in inflationary periods and decline during times of disinflation.

Disaster Centennial: The Disturbing Relevance of World War I (westcoastjan)

The “Great War” was not only particularly bloody, but it also ushered in a new era of warfare, involving tanks, aircraft and even chemical weapons. Its outcome would shape the course of history for years to come, even for an entire century in some regions.

H5N1 bird flu death confirmed in Alberta, 1st in North America (westcoastjan)

The woman first showed symptoms of the flu on a Dec. 27 flight from Beijing to Vancouver aboard Air Canada flight 030. She continued on to Edmonton on Air Canada flight 244, after spending a few hours in the Vancouver airport, and was admitted to hospital Jan. 1. The symptoms of fever, malaise and headache worsened and the she died two days later. The Public Health Agency of Canada was notified Jan. 5.

There were no respiratory symptoms, said Dr. James Talbot, Alberta’s chief medical officer of health.

Ontario’s Power Trip: Retirement deficit coming to your hydro bill (westcoastjan)

In total the two had a funding deficit of $4.8-billion and with a combined full time work force at the end of 2012 of 16,651 employees that equates to a liability of $288,000 for each employee. Over 35 years each employee would be obligated to contribute an additional $8,200 annually in order to ensure those retirement benefits are retained at their current levels if they were private sector companies—but they are not.

The Eurozone Club: Part 2 (adam)

Latvia needed to peg its currency to the euro for at least two years, and not suffer from devaluation or anything else bad during this span. The Bank of Latvia kept its exchange at a rate of approximately 70 santims (Latvian cents) to 1 euro. When times were really tough, in the depths of 2009 and 2010, many outsiders like the IMF were pushing for Latvia to devalue its peg, which would help its exports (also would have bankrupted those with excessive debts in euros and income in lati, which happened to be most of the country). It did not, and instead, as mentioned in the last post, pushed real, tough austerity measures through, choosing to devalue “internally.” Watching Greece or even the US ever try this would be laughable.

The unequal battle over West Africa’s rich fish stocks (westcoastjan)

“For this market alone, we used to offload 3,500 tonnes each year; we can’t even do 3,000 tonnes now.”

The ocean off West African coasts is home to one of the world’s richest fishing grounds.

From Morocco up north down to Guinea, sardines, grouper, snapper, shrimp and mackerel are part of a rich marine fauna exploited by fishing vessels on an industrial scale.

Extreme weather driving up home insurance costs (westcoastjan)

“As severe weather events become more extreme and frequent, we will continue to pursue our efforts to ensure that the protection we offer reflects our country’s new climate reality and that governments, consumers, businesses and all stakeholders pursue their efforts to better adapt to climate change,” CEO Charles Brindamour said when the company posted its third quarter results last November.

Botswana Bushmen: Modern life is destroying us (westcoastjan)

"I miss my home and the way we lived. Life was easy, there were lots of fruits, animals and there were no bars and no beer. Now we are lost," says Goiotseone.

They have been to visit a number of times since they were evicted but are not allowed to stay there any more.

Natural Gas Pipeline Bottlenecks Lead to Price Spikes in New England (James B.)

As the polar vortex shoots bone-chilling cold air southward into the United States, millions of people are cranking up the heat, and in New England, which has a shortage of natural gas pipeline capacity, prices are spiking. Several snow storms hit the northeast over the course of the first few days of 2014, only to be followed up by the coldest temperatures in two decades due to a surge of Arctic air descending into the U.S. Daily high temperatures in the Midwest have failed to get above zero degrees Fahrenheit, with much of the Northeast in single digits. The record-low temperatures have led to a surge in power demand, for which the New England area is poorly prepared.

Farmers Abandoning GMO Seeds And The Reason Will Surprise You (Amanda)

Farmers can get paid more for conventional corn than GMO corn. Plus, Huegerich discovered, convention corn can produce more per acre. Modern Farmer reported that two years ago, Huegerich planted 320 acres of conventional corn and 1,700 with GMO corn. The conventional fields “yielded 15 to 30 more bushels per acre than the GMO fields, with a profit margin of up to $100 more per acre.” Last year, he planted convention corn in 750 acres.

Pesticide residue found on nearly half of organic produce (Nervous Nelly, westcoastjan)

As widespread as the pesticide residues were, they were still considerably less than the 78.4 per cent of non-organic samples the inspection agency found containing pesticide residues, violating the allowable limits 4.7 per cent of the time.

The CFIA told CBC News that none of the test results posed a health risk. The agency did not prevent any of the food from being sold as organic.

Frozen in time: Michigan lighthouses transformed into stunning giant icicles after being frozen solid by storm (Amanda)

These frozen lighthouses in Michigan could easily be mistaken for a scene from the disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow. Standing in temperatures well below freezing, the 30ft structures have been transformed into giant icicles.

These stunning photographs were captured by American photographer Thomas Zakowski, 56, on a trip to two cities in Michigan after a storm battered the state.

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