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    Daily Digest 1/6 – Investing During Era of Peak Gold Discoveries, CA Governor Calls For 50% Renewables

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    Tuesday, January 6, 2015, 4:41 PM


How Nonemployed Americans Spend Their Weekdays: Men vs. Women (jdargis)

Nonworkers spend much more time doing housework. Men without jobs, in particular, spend more time watching television, while women without jobs spend more time taking care of others. And the nonemployed of both sexes spend more time sleeping than their employed counterparts.

Bill swap rate fixing is a scandal in waiting (locksmithuk)

The only one of the four majors to have taken a recognisable stance is the ANZ, which has suspended seven of its bank bill swap rate traders – one of whom was outed this week, Etienne Alexiuo, who who heads the bank’s balance sheet trading and oversees a portfolio worth more than $120 billion.

His name will mean little outside the small world of derivatives trading, but these high-octane operatives oversee billions of dollars and their multimillion salaries reflect the fact that these rainmakers can earn (or lose) their banks millions each year.

Brent Cook: Investing During the Era of Peak Gold Discoveries (Kevin J.)

“We’ve hit peak economic gold discoveries, but unlike the new fracking technologies that saved the oil industry, there’s no fracking technology to coax mineral wealth from ever-deeper deposits. In the face of this shortage, expert geologist Brent Cook of Exploration Insights is scouting out companies that are cashed up and poised to deliver value when other miners may be left scraping the bottom of the barrel. In this interview with The Gold Report, find out what Cook expects for gold exploration in 2015, and why the next few years are going to be very interesting indeed for yellow metal miners.”

Peter Schiff’s 2015 Fed Forecast & A Heated Debate With Ron Insana (Herman J.)

“I think the Fed knows the bubble is too big to pop, that’s why it just talks about raising interest rates and doesn’t actually do it.”

California Governor Calls For 50 Percent Renewable Power (jdargis)

Speaking at length about the importance of these actions, Brown said that “taking significant amounts of carbon out of our economy without harming its vibrancy is exactly the sort of challenge at which California excels.”

He said he envisions a variety of initiatives in achieving these goals, including expanded rooftop solar, micro-grids, battery storage and “the full integration of information technology and electrical distribution and millions of electric and low-carbon vehicles.”

Egloo heats your room for 10 cents a day and not with electricity (Wendy SD)

Egloo is a tailor-made terracotta dome that harnesses heat from candles to heat your room for just 10 cents a day. The heat from the candles is absorbed by the dome and is dissipated slowly, even after the candles are blown out. It was launched on Indiegogo by Marco Zagaria, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

China Following Through On Early Emissions Promises (Evan K.)

China has finished building the world’s largest plant designed to use excess methane gas, produced by mining coal, to generate electricity. The Lu’an Group, which built the plant in eastern Shanxi Province, also owns the nearby Gaohe Coal Mine. Lu’an announced Dec. 30 that it would soon fire up the generator, which has a capacity of 30 megawatts and can use up fully 99 percent of the methane emitted by mining the coal. Coal mining in China emits more than 10 billion cubic meters of low-concentration methane every year, the equivalent in greenhouse gases of 200 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

New wind turbine looks like a tree, generates power silently (Wendy SD)

Wind turbines used for power generation work best when they’re large and mounted up high where wind speed is higher. This is not an aesthetically appealing proposition, but it’s the only way wind power makes sense on the large scale right now. A French company is trying to change that with a contraption called the Wind Tree. As you might guess, it’s an array of wind power turbines in the shape of a tree, and several of them will be deployed in Paris this coming March as a test.

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