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    Daily Digest 1/30 – Is This The End Of Canada’s Oil Sands?, How Viral Pandemic Benefits The Globalist Agenda

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    Thursday, January 30, 2020, 1:42 PM


San Francisco official in charge of cleaning up city’s filthy streets arrested (thc0655)

The head of San Francisco Public Works, which is in charge of cleaning up the city’s feces-filled streets, has been arrested by the FBI on suspicion of public corruption.

San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru was arrested Monday alongside Nick Bovis, the owner of a popular sports bar in Fisherman’s Wharf, Lefty O-Doul’s. Sources told NBC Bay Area that Nuru was arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes for airport concession contracts.

Health Experts: Human-to-human spread of new virus worrying (Sparky1)

China counted 170 deaths from a new virus Thursday and more countries reported infections, including some spread locally, as foreign evacuees from China’s worst-hit region returned home to medical observation and even isolation.

India and the Philippines reported their first cases, in a traveler and a student who had both been in Wuhan, the central Chinese city where the new type of coronavirus first surfaced in December. South Korea confirmed a case that was locally spread, in a man who had contact with a patient diagnosed earlier.

How Viral Pandemic Benefits The Globalist Agenda (thc0655)

The world today suffers from highly fragile economic and geopolitical conditions.  This is not news to most people in the liberty movement that have been tracking the downward spiral for years, but it is news to a majority of average Americans who rarely venture to get in-depth information on any issue.  The fact of the matter is, even though there are millions of us who are aware of the danger, we are still in a minority.

Tesla’s Stock Price Soars After Crushing Expectations (Michael S.)

With Tesla stock nearly tripling in the past four months and closing at an all time high of $581 on Wednesday…

… as euphoric expectations for unprecedented demand in China triggering a Volkswagen-like short squeeze, and ironically surpassing the world’s largest automaker, Volkswagen, in valuation in the process, everyone was looking forward to today’s earnings report, and specifically the company’s guidance, to see just how much of the massive runup was justified.

Coronavirus outbreak: What to do if you think you’ve contracted the novel virus (Thomas R.)

An outbreak of the novel coronavirus, a deadly pneumonia-like illness that’s killed some 132 people and sickened nearly 6,000 people across the world, has sparked fears that Americans may be at risk — especially after five cases of the disease have been confirmed in the U.S.

For now, federal health officials maintain that the risk to the public is low, while other medical professionals are stressing you have a much greater chance of contracting the flu than the coronavirus.

Australians flown home from Wuhan, China, will be quarantined on an island for two weeks. Americans, also evacuated from Wuhan, will be “temporarily housed” on an air base in California. And in South Korea, the police have been empowered to detain people who refuse to be quarantined.


US Oil Exports Could Explode After Once In A Lifetime Power Shift In China (Michael S.)

A paradigmatic shift in China’s power structure could lead to a surge in U.S. crude oil imports, but China might have its reasons not to comply with the Phase 1 trade deal

Is This The End Of Canada’s Oil Sands? (Michael S.)

Another billion-dollar energy project is polarizing Canada once again, but this time, it’s got nothing to do with pipelines, or even LNG terminals. It’s the Frontier oil sands mine that the federal government of Justin Trudeau must approve or reject by the end of next month.



Scientists in Antarctica have recorded, for the first time, unusually warm water beneath a glacier the size of Florida that is already melting and contributing to a rise in sea levels.

The researchers, working on the Thwaites Glacier, recorded water temperatures at the base of the ice of more than 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, above the normal freezing point.

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  • Sat, Feb 01, 2020 - 8:06am



    Status: Platinum Member

    Joined: Apr 13 2011

    Posts: 2140


    China's Actions in the Light of the a Total Informational Warfare

    Anyone allergic to conspiracy theories should just skip this post.


    Having a BSL-4 lab studying CoV in a city of 11 million is a starting point.

    Pepe Escobar, at the Saker, offers his view of the Chinese “breathtakingly” rapid and effective response to the CV as suggestive of a pre-planned operation aimed at taking “total informational control.”  The familiar story of domination of the masses by their elite using the mechanism of crisis to create change.

    1.  In a matter of a few days, at the peak of the most congested travel period of the year, China did manage to quarantine an urban environment of over 56 million people, including megalopolis Wuhan and three nearby cities. This is an absolute first in terms of public health, anytime in history.

    2.  Waging a “peoples war” against the virus–that has the effect of consolidating power in the hands of the CCP over the people.

    “We in Wuhan have truly entered the stage of people’s war against the new viral pneumonia”; and many people, “mainly Communist Party members” have been confirmed as “volunteers and observers according to street units.”

    3.  Conducting themselves in “total transparency,” but, the Chinese internet wall is left in place.

    4.  Breathtaking response times

    the speed of the Chinese scientific response has been breathtaking – and obviously not fully appreciated in an environment of Total Information War. Compare the Chinese performance with the American CDC, arguably the top infectious disease research agency in the world, with an $11 billion annual budget and 11,000 employees.

    During the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014 – considered a maximum urgency, and facing a virus with a 90% fatality rate – the CDC took no less than two months from getting the first patient sample to identifying the complete genomic sequence. The Chinese did it in a few days.

    During the swine flu in the US in 2009 – 55 million infected Americans, 11,000 killed – the CDC took over a month and a half to come up with identification kits.

    The Chinese took only one week from the first patient sample to complete, vital identification and sequencing of coronavirus. Right away, they went for publication and deposit in the genomics library for immediate access by the whole planet. Based on this sequence, Chinese biotech companies produced validated essays within a week – also a first.

    5.  Citizens download WeChat app for reporting one’s health and location to the authorities.

    .. the government directed everyone to install a “Wuhan Neighbors” applet downloaded from WeChat. That determines “our home’s quarantine address through satellite positioning, and then lock on our affiliated community organization and volunteers. Thenceforth, our social activities and information announcements would be connected to the system.”

    Theoretically, this means that “anyone who develops a fever will report their condition through the network as soon as possible. The system will immediately provide an online diagnosis, and locate and register your quarantine address. If you need to see a doctor, your community will arrange a car to send you to the hospital through volunteers. At the same time, the system will track your progress: hospitalization, treatment at home, discharge, death, etc.”

    So here we have millions of Chinese citizens totally mobilized in what’s routinely described as a “people’s war” using “high technology to fight against illness.” Millions are also drawing their own conclusions when comparing it with the use of app software to fight against the police in Hong Kong.

    6.  Experiments without consent in the name of public safety.

    Coronavirus opens a true Pandora’s box on biogenetics. Serious questions remain about experiences in vivo in which the consent of “patients” will not be required – considering the collective psychosis initially developed by Western corporate media and even the WHO around coronavirus. Coronavirus could well become a pretext for genetic experiments via vaccines.

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  • Sat, Feb 01, 2020 - 8:31am



    Status: Bronze Member

    Joined: Dec 23 2012

    Posts: 338


    Check out bluedot.global they use AI to track,contextualize,and anticipate infectious disease.Customers include hospitals,businesses and govt to protect their employees.The Ministry of Public Health in Singapore and Public Health Canada are examples.If I’m not mistaken they were the 1st to predict disease outbreak using airline logs.I am in awe of the best and brightest in science stepping up to the plate!This is their SUPERBOWL…

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  • Sat, Feb 01, 2020 - 9:06am



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    You didn’t mention the roll-out of 5G.  I am sure no one is complaining about that, they have other issues to contend with.

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