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    Daily Digest 1/3 – The Case Against Credentialism, Arctic Air To Put Northeast On Ice

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, January 3, 2015, 4:00 PM


The NYPD's 'Work Stoppage' Is Surreal (thc0655)

My first response to this news was confusion. I get why the police are protesting – they're pissed at Mayor de Blasio, and more on that in a minute – but this sort of "protest" pulls this story out of the standard left-right culture war script it had been following and into surreal territory.

I don't know any police officer anywhere who would refuse to arrest a truly dangerous criminal as part of a PBA-led political gambit. So the essence of this protest seems now to be about trying to hit de Blasio where it hurts, i.e. in the budget, without actually endangering the public.

No Turned Backs at Officer Liu’s Funeral, Bratton Asks (jdargis)

“A hero’s funeral is about grieving, not grievance,” Mr. Bratton wrote.

The gesture has come to symbolize the tension between the de Blasio administration and the Police Department over the mayor’s response to protests against fatal encounters between police officers and unarmed civilians, including the death of Eric Garner in Staten Island in July.

The Case Against Credentialism (jdargis)

With their regression charts and biographical data, sociologists have demonstrated that the saga of the self-made success was partly myth. The Americans business titan of the late nineteenth century was more likely to have been born to a comfortable, educated, urban family than to have been a son of toil. Still, McClelland never claimed that the folktales he analyzed—about bad fairies and magic spiders and friendly giants—were literally true. What mattered was that they were told and heard, and that they shaped a culture's attitude. Repeated in schoolrooms and parlors, emphasized in speeches, novels, and popular magazines, the folktales of American business successes emboldened the impressionable public to try. When the sociologist Ely Chinoy studied a community of autoworkers in the 1950s, many people told him that they viewed their jobs in the factory as temporary. Their real dream was to strike out on their own, with a farm, a gas station, or a store.

Despite the help of an experimental drug, Ebola-infected British nurse is in critical condition (jdargis)

Cafferkey’s condition has deteriorated despite catching the virus early and having world-class infectious disease experts working on her behalf, according to the Guardian. She is being treated in an isolation unit at the hospital, receiving survivors’ plasma containing “Ebola-fighting antibodies” and an experimental antiviral drug that “is not proven to work,” according to the Guardian. In recent days, doctors have been able to discuss treatment options with the patient because she is a nurse, according to the Daily Express.

Gasoline-Tax Increase Finds Little Support (jdargis)

The latest discussions about raising the gas tax come as the Energy Information Administration estimates that the average American household will spend at least $550 less on gasoline next year than it did in 2014, a result of lower prices and more fuel-efficient cars and trucks that can travel farther on fewer gallons.

A Maryland inventor’s big energy ideas have promise, and big ifs (Cornelius999)

Ace calls his flat-panel trap “a fundamental scientific and environmental discovery” and contends that it could collect sunlight at high enough temperatures to shatter the barriers to a solar age. The device can capture more than 90 percent of the rays that hit it, as much as 10 times more than sun-tracking photovoltaic panels being installed around the globe, he said.

Ready to shiver? Arctic air to put America on ice (Arthur Robey)

The wind and cold could mean wind-chill factors that will make the temperature feel like 30 degrees below zero—50 degrees below zero in Minneapolis and Chicago, said meteorologist Ryan Maue of the private Weather Bell Analytics. He called it "old-timer's type of cold."

Kocin predicts a small Midwestern band of intense snow along with the cold, with some also in parts of the Northeast.

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  • Sun, Jan 04, 2015 - 11:53am



    Status Silver Member (Offline)

    Joined: Sep 22 2010

    Posts: 616

    Sunday Reflections

    Having almost finished Joseph Plummer's Tragedy and Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom and Democracy (200 page summary of Quigley's 1300 Tragedy and Hope, I'd like to share a few summary thoughts.
    1. It's not the people in "The Network" (the AngoAmerican global Financial/Political Elite) who are important but RATHER the MIND-SET (consisting of arrogance and hypocrisy) of these folks who,
    2. create INSTITUTIONS (that continue to exist even when members die off) that are run for the benefit of those who CONTROL them,
    3. using TACTICS that offer one APPEARANCE while actually desiring the opposite,
    4. And, thus, this group prefers ANONYMITY ("satisfied to possess the REALITY
    rather than the appearance of power"),
    5. Using the tactic of  directing public opinion and "government" policy of trusted institutions (media, universities, government, foundations, etc.), with "their" experts, servants, for their aim.
    6. For the aim of destroying the substance of national sovereignty and rebuild a NEW WORLD ORDER, that will trade the existing illusion of democratically directed government for their long-sought, "expert-directed," authoritarian technocracy. Leaders of the emerging, omnipotent, GLOBAL STATE.
    7. ONE Global bank, ONE Global economy, ONE Global military, ONE Global government
    Really sounds weird, no?  However, books such as Plummer;s, Quigley's, Griffin's, Prins', etc., do cause one to ponder and possibly rethink the entire theoretical FRAMEWORK for analyzing current daily events of the GREAT GAME.
    The detailed info in these books certainly convinced me to re-examine my stance, always, of course, open to the opposite data.

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  • Sun, Jan 04, 2015 - 8:47pm



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    Granny's Sunday Reflection

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  • Mon, Jan 05, 2015 - 3:25am



    Status Member (Offline)

    Joined: Jul 08 2009

    Posts: 16

    Maryland Inventers claims

    Always do the maths. The maths as detailed in the story are wrong. Most of the PV panels used today convert about 12% of the sunlight energy to electricity. Many of the recent releases of PV panels do much better than that. The article claims the inventors system would create 10 times as much as PV panels. That's 120% of the sunlight energy to electricity. Sounds a bit like the Fracking hype.

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  • Mon, Jan 05, 2015 - 6:04am



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

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    Might want to get that checked

    Bluefin tuna nets $37,000 in Tokyo new year auction

    Caught fairly close to you-know-where. The new owner is no doubt glowing with pride…

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