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    Daily Digest 1/3 – Apple Stock Plummets 8%, Gold To Silver Ratio: So What?

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, January 3, 2019, 8:17 AM


Apple stock plummets 8% on news of grim Q1 2019 outlook (tmn)

While China’s economy is undoubtedly a big challenge for Apple, possibly more challenging in the long run will be users’ attitudes toward smartphone upgrades. Cook named weak iPhone upgrades as a major contributing factor to this quarter’s slump. While a number of things can influence a user’s decision to upgrade their smartphone, Cook cited Apple’s “significantly reduced” iPhone battery replacements as one reason why some have chosen to stick with their current models.

Democrats push plan to end shutdown but Republicans oppose it (tmn)

The 2019-2020 Congress begins work with roughly a quarter of the federal government closed, affecting 800,000 employees, in a shutdown triggered by Trump’s demand last month for the money for a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border – opposed by Democrats – as part of any legislation funding government agencies.

Three Things That Will Definitely Happen In 2019 (thc0655)

Corporations are the ultimate dumb money. Note on the following chart how in the previous cycle their buying back of their own shares peaked just as stock prices hit record highs in 2007. Stocks then plunged and corporations – dumb to the end – became net sellers at the bottom.

Gold to Silver Ratio: So What? (GE Christenson)

Summary: Bull markets from 1971 to 1980, from 2001 to 2008, and 2008 – 2011. Bear markets from 1980 to 2001, and 2011 to late 2015. Flat and a beginning bull market since 2016.

The Philosopher Redefining Equality (jdargis)

In this respect, it might seem odd that, through history, equality and freedom have arrived together as ideals. What if they weren’t opposed, Anderson wondered, but, like the sugar-phosphate chains in DNA, interlaced in a structure that we might not yet understand? What if the way most of us think about the relation between equality and freedom—the very basis for the polarized, intractable political division of this moment—is wrong?

Ajit Pai thanks Congress for helping him kill net neutrality rules (jdargis)

“Over the past year, the Internet has remained free and open,” Pai said, adding that “the FCC’s light-touch approach is working.” Pai didn’t mention a recent case in which CenturyLink temporarily blocked its customers’ Internet access in order to show an ad or a recent research report accusing Sprint of throttling Skype (which Sprint denies).

Up with ultrafine aerosol particles (newsbuoy)

Ultrafine aerosol particles (smaller than 50 nanometers in diameter) have been thought to be too small to affect cloud formation. Fan et al. show that this is not the case. They studied the effect of urban pollution transported into the otherwise nearly pristine atmosphere of the Amazon. Condensational growth of water droplets around the tiny particles releases latent heat, thereby intensifying atmospheric convection. Thus, anthropogenic ultrafine aerosol particles may exert a more important influence on cloud formation processes than previously believed.

Nanoparticle aerosol generation methods from bulk powders for inhalation exposure studies (newsbuoy)

Five different generation methods for producing a nanoparticle aerosol from the bulk powder were evaluated with the goal of producing an acceptable aerosol that is homogenous, has a consistent concentration over time in which the magnitude may be intentionally varied, and has a size distribution that is both unimodal and has a small geometric mean diameter relative to the primary particle size of the nanoparticle bulk powder. Four types of bulk powders were evaluated including titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, polymer-coated silver, and single walled carbon nanotubes. A nebulizer was the only tested method able to produce a consistent aerosol of sufficient magnitude. However, the resulting aerosol contains particles derived from the carrier water. Prior sonication of the nanoparticle suspension alone was found to be not useful for deagglomerating nanoparticles.

Earth is missing a huge part of its crust. Now we may know why. (tmn)

Known as the Great Unconformity, this massive temporal gap can be found not just in this famous crevasse, but in places all over the world. In one layer, you have the Cambrian period, which started roughly 540 million years ago and left behind sedimentary rocks packed with the fossils of complex, multicellular life. Directly below, you have fossil-free crystalline basement rock, which formed about a billion or more years ago.

The Coming Mini Ice Age & Cyclical Movement of the Tropics Belt Itself (thc0655)

I have previously warned that if this trend continues during the next winter, then we have exceeded any short-term reactionary trend and the weather appears poised to continue to get colder going into the distant future. Socrates was projecting that the peak on this cycle aligned with the ECM 2015.75. This is a Longitudinal Cycle, not Transverse. That means peak to bottom varies. This short-term wave should be a 13-year decline from 2015 making it 2028 initially. After that, if we see colder winters beyond 2028, then the next low will be with the peak in the ECM 2032. There is a SERIOUS RISK that we are looking at the final low coming in during the period of 2046.

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