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    Daily Digest 1/29 – Fed To Stop Mortgage Reinvestments, Congress Passes Unconventional Nuclear Power Bill

    by DailyDigest

    Sunday, January 29, 2017, 5:27 PM


Fed to stop mortgage reinvestments in 2018: Morgan Stanley (Adam)

“Applying this informal guidance to our expectation for the rates path leads us to believe the Fed will halt its reinvestments of MBS in April 2018,” they said.

The Fed has maintained the size of its bond holdings at the current level through principal reinvestments since 2014 after its third round of large-scale bond purchases or quantitative easing ended.

Federal Reserve Bankers Mocked Unemployed Americans Behind Closed Doors (thc0655, June C.)

“I frequently hear of jobs going unfilled because a large number of applicants have difficulty passing basic requirements like drug tests or simply demonstrating the requisite work ethic,” said Dennis Lockhart, a former Citibank executive who ran the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank. “One contact in the staffing industry told us that during their pretesting process, a majority—actually, 60 percent of applicants—failed to answer ‘0’ to the question of how many days a week it’s acceptable to miss work.”

North Carolina Hospital Wants State to Block Competition From Two New Surgical Centers (lambertad)

Often, these laws are wielded by politically connected medical providers as a way to limit competition—our investigation focused on how a single Virginia hospital prevented another nearby hospital from building a neonatal intensive care unit, despite the project having support from local officials, residents, doctors, and hospital administrators.

Ron Paul: Economic Collapse Imminent — Trump will Get the Blame Instead of the FED (June C.)

The former congressman further explained he’s still holding out hope for Trump to make changes which can help to protect America’s future, but pointed out some of Trump’s staff has direct connections to Wall Street. He’s also concerned Trump’s war against radical Islam is a war Trump cannot win because it’s a war against an ideology, much like America’s failed attempt at defeating communism.

Congress Passes Unconventional Nuclear Power Bill (Adam)

“We believe that trailblazing the advance of nuclear energy technology including Gen 3+, Small Modular Reactors, Non-Light Water Reactor (LWR) Advanced Reactors and Fusion Reactors is one of the key imperatives for U.S. market competitiveness,” David Blee, executive director of the U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council (NIC), told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Does Trump’s rise mark the end of Davos Man’s influence? (jdargis)

This weakening of globalisation partly reflects the exhaustion of easy opportunities for global commerce and the feeble growth of demand since the crisis. But it also reflects shifts in policy: the post-crisis re-regulation of finance has had a pronounced home bias, with reduced support for cross-border activities. Trade liberalisation has stalled, while some studies already show a rise in protectionist measures.

The USDA is Trying to Help Save Native Grassland in Oregon (jdargis)

The other part of the plan involves creating Agricultural Conservation Easements, a NRCS program that prevents agricultural land from being converted to non-agricultural uses, like residential development. In Wallowa County, The Nature Conservancy believes that through this program they will be able to prevent as much as 17,000 acres from being converted to other uses.

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  • Sun, Jan 29, 2017 - 4:57pm



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

    Joined: Apr 13 2011

    Posts: 1819

    Is there a "color revolution" happening in the USA?

    The Saker, a retired Russian military analyst living in the USA, argues that there is.  A battle between factions of the Deep State with the Neocons attempting to take down Trump.
    A “Color Revolution” Is Underway in the USA
    I can’t say I know if this is right.  But the VERY organized and EFFECTIVE “eastern establishment” media effort is stunning.
    I have very good and well read friends who believe that Russia caused HRC to lose the election by releasing fake news to facebook feeds and “hacking” Podesta’s email.
    I do not understand the role of the sudden restriction on travel between multiple Muslim nations and the US.  What is going on here?

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  • Sun, Jan 29, 2017 - 8:30pm



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

    Joined: Jun 08 2011

    Posts: 2221

    FBI given green light to impersonate media

    To be fair, this has probably been going on for quite a while now.
    FBI given green light to impersonate media (FreeThoughtProject)


    FBI agents conducting undercover investigations have now been given the green light to impersonate journalists, the Justice Department determined last week — effectively legalizing the government’s most notorious propaganda program, Operation Mockingbird.
    Last Thursday, the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General published what’s become the subject of outrage for journalists, civil and constitutional rights advocates, and legal experts  — “A Review of the FBI’s Impersonation of a Journalist in a Criminal Investigation.

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  • Sun, Jan 29, 2017 - 8:41pm

    Reply to #1


    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

    Joined: Jun 08 2011

    Posts: 2221

    Here's a interesting read

    Here’s a interesting read that may play into the “Color Revolution” thesis:
    Trending: Pretending That Neocons Aren’t Bloodthirsty War Criminals (NewsLogue Debate)

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  • Sun, Jan 29, 2017 - 10:13pm



    Status Diamond Member (Offline)

    Joined: Sep 03 2008

    Posts: 3082

    Blue Church

    Here’s a perspective that I found compelling; while I might not agree with everything this poster writes (and in fact I like a lot of the viewpoints that Blue Church offers), the viewpoint that we are now aembroiled in a religious war hits the nail right on the head for me.
    In SP’s spiral dynamics, Blue Church = Green Meme.
    The left is used to losing political battles. They scream and cry over these but they don’t truly panic, because they know that as long as they maintain their hammerlock on the culture, Republicans can’t really change anything.
    Blue Team Progressivism is a church, offering you moral superiority and a path to spiritual enlightenment. As a church it’s got a lot going for it. It runs religious programming on television, all day every day. Every modern primetime program is like a left-wing Andy Griffith show, reinforcing lessons of inclusion, tolerance, feminism, and anti-racism.
    Watching a 90-pound Sci-Fi heroine beat up a room full of giant evil men is as satisfying to the left as John Wayne westerns were for the right.
    The Blue Church controls the HR department, so even if you don’t go to church, you have to act like a loyal churchgoer in every way that matters while you’re on the clock. And off the clock, on any kind of public social media platform.
    Jon Stewart and John Oliver are basically TV preachers. Watching them gives the same sense of quiet superiority your grandma gets from watching The 700 Club. The messages are constantly reinforced, providing that lovely dopamine hit, like an angel’s voice whispering, “You’re right, you’re better, you’re winning.”
    And when it came down to the things that really mattered – welfare, Medicare, Social Security, and foreign policy, you knew Red Team couldn’t really do anything Blue Team didn’t approve of, or the Blue faithful would kick them out of office next time.
    But Donald Trump didn’t sign that contract. And Donald Trump didn’t win by selling the same old conservative products. Donald Trump started his own religion, and he won a religious victory.
    The Blue Church is panicking because they’ve just witnessed the birth of a new Red Religion. Not the tired old Christian cliches they defeated back in the ’60s, but a new faith based on cultural identity and outright rejection of the Blue Faith.
    For the first time in decades, voters explicitly rejected the Blue Church, defying hours of daily cultural programming, years of indoctrination from the schools, and dozens of explicit warnings from HR.

    Of course Blue Church is just one part of the story.  I believe Blue Church was offered by the Dem elite as a replacement for them fighting for economic justice.  “Here, instead of fighting for your jobs, we’ll give you a feel-good social justice war, and we’ll fight really hard for it.  Of course in exchange, we can now take money from the big companies who will laugh all the way to the bank because they will now control both sides of the aisle.”
    There is also “Old” Red Church; family values, small government, deregulation freeing job creators from restrictions.  I’m not sure many people are paying much attention to Old Red Church anymore; it was rejected in the Republican primary, much to the shock of the Red establishment who had used it successfully for decades to distract their own voters.
    Key takeaway though is we’re witnessing a religious war.  That’s why everyone in Blue-land is so massively upset (and, behind the scenes, Red elite are equally upset, but since they “won” they can’t really complain).  All of Blue’s sacred cows were slaughtered, all at the same time, when Trump won the election.

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