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    Daily Digest 1/28 – Eat The Rich, The Imperialism Hangover

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    Monday, January 28, 2019, 7:40 AM


The shutdown cost the US economy more than Trump wanted for the border wall (tmn)

In total, the US economy lost at least $6 billion during the shutdown, S&P Global Ratings said on Friday, according to Reuters. That’s more than the $5.7 billion president Trump demanded from Congress to build his border wall between the US and Mexico—the demand that caused the protracted shutdown.

Imperialism: The hangover (Afridev)

The UK is no longer the global player it pretends to be, but nor is the country introspective enough to truly look after its own citizens.

This means that the disparity between rich and poor gets greater year-on-year whilst the political class just scapegoat the vulnerable.

Eat The Rich (thc0655)

Warren’s first salvo is a wealth tax, which will be some sort of levy on those with assets over $50 million. This will be in addition to the regular income tax and she says it will raise $2.75 trillion over 10 years. That’s like saying the plan will allow Big Foot to finally get the unicorn he always wanted. Politicians love making ten year projections, despite the fact no one believes them. It’s just a way for the actors, our rich people hire to run for office, to sound like they are something other than actors. It’s part of the role.

The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite (tmn)

In public, many executives wring their hands over the negative consequences that artificial intelligence and automation could have for workers. They take part in panel discussions about building “human-centered A.I.” for the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” — Davos-speak for the corporate adoption of machine learning and other advanced technology — and talk about the need to provide a safety net for people who lose their jobs as a result of automation.

Facebook knowingly duped game-playing kids and their parents out of money (tmn)

Sometimes the children did not even know they were spending money, according to another internal Facebook report. Facebook employees knew this. Their own reports showed underage users did not realize their parents’ credit cards were connected to their Facebook accounts and they were spending real money in the games, according to the unsealed documents.

The Kulaks Must Be Liquidated as a Class (thc0655)

Senator Warren apparently has found her guiding spirit and has announced along with her presidential campaign a campaign of economic terror based on force, not law. Specifically, she has proposed to begin seizing a portion of the assets of some wealthy Americans, a course of action that the federal government has no constitutional power to undertake. The seizure of assets is a fundamentally different thing from the taxation of income, which itself took a constitutional amendment to implement. What Warren is proposing is essentially a federal version of the hated asset-forfeiture programs that have been so much abused by law-enforcement agencies — minus the allegation of criminal misconduct and made universal and annual.

California Sues City Over Lack of Affordable Housing (thc0655)

The intent of that law is to “hold cities accountable, even though they don’t build housing themselves or control the market conditions, that they have made enough land available to help meet those goals,” said David Garcia, policy director at the Terner Center.

Huntington Beach, with a population of around 201,000, is about 40 miles south of Los Angeles in Orange County. In 2015, the Kennedy Commission sued the city after officials revamped a housing plan and cut back the amount of planned, high-density affordable units.

Cannabis greenhouses are creating light pollution, but there are solutions (newsbuoy)

Growing cannabis is no easy task. The plants have different stages and require precise lighting cycles, with the largest area in greenhouses reserved for plants requiring 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness. At one stage of growth, a plant might thrive best with 18 hours of light.

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