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    Daily Digest 1/26 – How the Coal Industry Impoverishes West Virginia, The Big Reset

    by DailyDigest

    Sunday, January 26, 2014, 4:02 PM


Can Doctors Fix Poverty? (Chris F.)

Lorraine Telford, an employee of a Mississauga health center, said that a tenth of the province’s children face dire financial situations at home while an additional fourteen percent are “in deprived situations. Because their nutritional needs are not being met, she argues, it’s impossible for them to be expected to perform well in school. Hunger does, the evidence shows, have a detrimental impact on the performance of children in school. Obesity does as well, and some argue that a major cause of obesity is that parents don’t have the energy to cook dinner or the money to afford healthy food.

School ditches rules and loses bullies (ian.k)

Mudslides, skateboarding, bullrush and tree climbing kept the children so occupied the school no longer needed a timeout area or as many teachers on patrol.

Instead of a playground, children used their imagination to play in a “loose parts pit” which contained junk such as wood, tyres and an old fire hose.

The Big Reset, Part 2 (Thomas C.)

The survival of our current financial system depends on people preferring fiat money over gold. After the dollar was taken of the gold standard in 1971, bankers have tried to demonetize gold. One of the arguments they use to deter investors from buying gold and silver is that these metals do not deliver a direct return such as interest or dividends. But interest and dividend are payments to compensate for counterparty risk – the risk that your counterparty is unable to live up to its obligations. Gold doesn’t carry that risk. The war on gold is, in essence, an endeavor to support the dollar. But this is certainly not the only reason. According to a number of studies, the level of the gold price and the general public’s expectations of inflation are highly correlated. Central bankers work hard to influence inflation expectations. A 1988 study by Summers and Barsky confirmed that the price of gold and interest rates are highly correlated, as well with a lower gold price leading to lower interest rates.

Doctors Abusing Medicare Face Fines and Expulsion (jdargis)

A recalcitrant provider is defined as one who is “abusing the program and not changing inappropriate behavior even after extensive education to address these behaviors.” Cases will be referred to Daniel R. Levinson, the inspector general at the Department of Health and Human Services, who has authority to impose civil fines and exclude doctors from Medicare, Medicaid and other programs.

On Children’s Website, N.S.A. Puts a Furry, Smiley Face on Its Mission (jdargis)

Such an enthusiastic endorsement of the N.S.A.’s mission might seem particularly timely given the criticism directed at the agency since one of its former contractors, Edward J. Snowden, began leaking documents he had stolen from it. But T. Top and a troupe of eight other smiley-faced cartoon characters have been busy promoting the N.S.A.’s mission for the past nine years as part of a governmentwide attempt to make agencies more understandable to the public. With cartoon characters, interactive games and puzzles, the N.S.A.’s CryptoKids website for “future codemakers and codebreakers” tries to educate children about spying duties and recruit them to work for the agency.

Economic Shifts in U.S. and China Batter Markets (jdargis)

The concerns about developing economies are being heightened by the Fed’s recent decision to begin pulling back on the bond-buying stimulus programs that have helped keep interest rates low around the world. Now, many countries that had come to rely on those low rates could face a surge in borrowing costs and a period of painful readjustment. Many emerging countries could also be hurt if investors choose to pull their money to chase returns in the recovering economies in the United States and Europe.

How the Coal Industry Impoverishes West Virginia (westcoastjan)

West Virginia’s problems figured prominently in Harrington’s narrative. In one evocative passage, he describes the paradox of the state’s beauty and its grave socioeconomic conditions.“Driving through this area, particularly in the spring or the fall, one perceives the loveliness, the openness, the high hills, streams, and lush growth.” However, “beauty can be a mask for ugliness,” and “this is what happens in the Appalachians.”

The Hidden Environmental and Human Costs of the Sochi Olympics (westcoastjan)

Much has been made of the fact that the Winter Olympics will be held in subtropical Sochi, which stretches ninety miles along the Black Sea in Russia’s warmest region. Despite having virtually no stadiums or ski hills, the location was championed by President Vladimir Putin, who has staked his reputation on the Games’ success. Nearly everything was built from scratch, at tremendous cost.

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    California's 'wall of debt' is only a slice of its liability

    1. California's 'wall of debt' is only a slice of its liability problem
    2. Analysis: Cincinnati's debt increased threefold in 20 years
    3. Japan trade deficit hits record high in 2013

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  • Mon, Jan 27, 2014 - 5:33am



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    Thanks Ian K

    For the wonderful article about dropping the rules and losing bullies.

    I see this as an extremely important article to notice that our world doesn't need us to fix it, if we can see such positive results come from doing away with rules or as i would term it "doing nothing". Then I see doing nothing as a real strategy for what we need to do for solutions in our futures. I believe we have spent an enormous amount of effort and energy "doing" and it's not challenging to see where that has gotten us. If we could all just take a break from the doing then maybe the next steps forward will present themselves and call to us when they are ready to be done. Then the effort and energy needed to do them comes about as though it took no effort at all. I can report this is true from my experiences.


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