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    Daily Digest 1/23 – Trump The Disruptor, Climate vs. Weather

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, January 23, 2017, 2:52 PM

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Trump The Disruptor (Aaron M.)

Those pathetic Republican “foreign policy experts” who are now complaining about being on an “enemies list” kept by the Trump transition team deserve to be on that list: they, after all, were the architects of the ongoing disaster described by Trump, and he clearly doesn’t care to reward failure. This is precisely why the GOP foreign policy Establishment campaigned so hard against him: that these losers are now locked out of the administration is good news indeed.

Why Trump Is Thriving in an Age of Distrust (jdargis)

After polling more than 30,000 respondents in 28 developed and developing countries, Edelman recorded slight declines in trust in all four institutions that it measures: government, the media, business, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

India: Crime of the Century – Financial Genocide (reflector)

There was no limit set in rupee amounts that were allowed to be deposited in bank or postal accounts. But exchanges or withdrawals were limited the first two days to 2,000 rupees, later to 4,000 rupees, with promises to further increases ‘later on’. The restrictions have to do with limited new bank notes available. The new money is issued in denominations of 500 and 2,000 rupee-notes.

Pope Francis Now International Monetary Guru (thc0655)

Unlike what Bergoglio believes and what is taught in nearly all college and university economics classes, wealth can only be created by real savings (the abstention from consumption) and the investment of those savings into the production of capital goods which, in time, creates consumer goods. To foster such an environment, however, there must be a sound monetary order not open to manipulation via inflation and credit expansion by central banks.

A Fair Minimum Wage In America (Tiffany D.)

You asked if higher wages would help or hurt the economy. It depends on why those wages are higher. I live in Missouri. I went to Michigan last summer to visit relatives. While there, my wife and I went to a Baskin-Robbins to get a sundae. She had a regular sundae, and I had a banana split. I don’t remember the exact price, but it was around $8. I commented to the young girl working the counter about how this was so much more expensive than in Missouri, and she said everything went up because Michigan had just initiated their increased minimum wage of $9 an hour. I won’t go there again. (Michigan, yes; Baskin-Robbins, no.)

Trump has the power to fight China on human rights. Will he use it? (jdargis)

The Magnitsky Act was first passed in 2012 but until December 2016 it only applied to Russia. It is named after the Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who was accused officials of stealing state funds and subsequently died in custody.

It was used this month to blacklist five Russian officials including Alexander Bastrykin, the powerful head of Russia’s investigative committee who reports directly to Vladimir Putin.

How can we predict the hottest year on record when weather forecasts are so uncertain? (blackeagle)

Weather forecasts take into account the evolution of weather systems, including atmospheric pressure patterns. Atmospheric pressure is the force exerted by the weight of air molecules. Areas where air is sinking have high pressure, and generally warm and fair weather. Low pressure systems, also known as cyclones, occur where air rises and typically produce cooler and wet weather.

The hipster hunger for superfoods is starving India’s adivasis (blackeagle)

Foraging in the forest, eating what grows in the wild and not food that is planted, might sound strange to many – but it is something the Karbis, indigenous peoples of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council in Assam, have done for generations. About 104 million or 8.6% of India’s population are the indigenous peoples also known as the Scheduled Tribes, adivasis or tribal peoples. Each of these 300-plus indigenous communities are heterogeneous, with regard to their unique history, language, attire, and the diverse landscapes where they belong.

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  • Mon, Jan 23, 2017 - 8:24am



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    China clamps down on banks moving currency overseas

    Financial Times-Jan 22, 2017
    To preserve China’s forex stockpile, which stood at just over $3tn at the end of last year, the central bank and State Administration for Foreign Exchange have …

    Fitch: China’s stimulus measures paper over growth slowdown

    CNBC-7 hours ago
    … declining by $41 billion for the month, to $3.011 trillion, the lowest since early … “Fitch’s base case remains that China’s large debt burden will translate into …

    China’s preliminary 2016 fiscal deficit 2.8 trillion yuan, exceeding …

    Yahoo Finance-4 hours ago
    The preliminary deficit was 2.83 trillion yuan (331 billion pounds), which Reuters … in the past year, but concerns about the country’s debt load are increasing.

    China’s preliminary 2016 fiscal deficit $413 billion, exceeding target

    Reuters-4 hours ago
    The preliminary deficit was 2.83 trillion yuan ($413 billion), which Reuters … growth in the past year, but concerns about the country’s debt load are increasing.

    Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich

    The New Yorker-10 hours ago
    They were worried about debt in general. … Kan co-founded Twitch, a gaming network that was later sold to Amazon for nearly a billion dollars. “Some of my …

    Why college loans are the worst debt

    CBS News-5 hours ago
    Delinquent borrowers are saddled with fees, penalties and rapidly accumulating interest; borrowers who default on their loans face ruined credit and a debt often …

    Iseq companies’ pension deficits balloon by 50% in 2016

    Irish Times – ‎10 hours ago‎
    The combined pension deficit at Irish publicly-quoted companies swelled by about 50 per cent over the course of 2016 as bond yields slid, new figures show. Human resources consulting giant Mercer estimates that the total pension deficit of members of

    California schools may face cuts amid skyrocketing pension costs

    San Francisco Chronicle-1 hour ago
    Public schools around California are bracing for a crisis driven by skyrocketing worker pension costs that are expected to force districts to divert billions of dollars …

    Average Individual Health Insurance Premiums Increased 99% Since 2013, the Year Before Obamacare, & Family …

    Yahoo Finance – ‎3 hours ago‎
    eHealth’s analysis provides an aggregated, anonymized examination of individual and family health insurance premiums and deductibles for plans selected by eHealth shoppers not receiving government subsidies under the ACA from November 1 through …

    Emotions sink as healthcare insurance rates skyrocket

    North Platte Bulletin-12 hours ago
    Dan Huebner, a farmer near Hershey, spent hours in November and December on the phone looking for healthcare coverage after premiums soared for his …


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  • Mon, Jan 23, 2017 - 2:45pm



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    Anyone else hear anything confirmed about a CDC HQ raid this morning? This could just be chatter/hoax so heavy grain of salt. Haven’t heard anything MSM on this.

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  • Mon, Jan 23, 2017 - 5:21pm

    Reply to #2


    Status Bronze Member (Offline)

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    i would guess it's a hoax

    Time2help wrote:

    Anyone else hear anything confirmed about a CDC HQ raid this morning? This could just be chatter/hoax so heavy grain of salt. Haven’t heard anything MSM on this.

    haven’t heard about it.
    google search turns up a couple links, the first one names “sorcha faal” as the author, so color me extremely skeptical, possible hoax:
    second link is to william mount, whom i’ve heard of but no idea if he’s credible, and he links back to the first article:….
    very fishy, i am assuming at this point it’s a hoax, FBI raid on CDC headquarters should be getting more attention than a few fringe blogs, but who knows.

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  • Mon, Jan 23, 2017 - 6:17pm



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

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    Sorcha Faal is bad news

    This author, Sorcha Faal, writes some dark scary stuff.  I don’t trust and don’t want to read anything he (she?) writes.  I followed that author for a while and decided his stuff is crap.  And very scarry.
    Crap as a Information Warfare Strategy
    One of the (many) disinformation strategies is to flood the internet with crap.  Make it so you can’t believe things written there.  Then when something true sneaks out, you don’t trust it.
    One media watcher, Terry Hansen, postulates that when a secret cannot be ignored or denied any longer, it can be discredited further by leaking it to be published among other outrageously crazy stories.  Two headed chickens, tales of religious miracles, tacky celebrity sexual perversions, etc.  The crazier the surrounding stories are, the more effective at inducing disbelief. 
    For example, the National Enquirer.

    In many ways the National Enquirer is a conspiracy theorist’s dream come true. The newspaper’s historical ties to powerful organizations such as the OSS, the CIA, the Pentagon, the White House, and the Mafia, raise troubling questions about its true agenda. To the uninitiated, though, the Enquirer seems hardly worth taking seriously. With its blaring, often absurd headlines and near-ubiquitous location alongside grocery store checkout stands across the nation, the Enquirer has become both a cliché and the butt of jokes among those who consider themselves sophisticated media consumers. There’s much more to the National Enquirer than meets the eye, however. To see why, we need to review the Enquirer’s fascinating origins, with particular emphasis on its ties to the U.S. intelligence establishment. The Enquirer’s founding publisher, Generoso Pope Jr., who died in 1988, was the son of another newspaperman, Generoso Pope Sr., publisher of the influential Italian American newspaper Il Progresso.
    His son, Generoso Pope Jr. (hereafter referred to as Gene Pope), attended high school at New York’s Horace Mann School for Boys where he had become close friends with Roy Cohn, later to become notorious as a well-connected right-wing lawyer and assistant to Senator Joseph McCarthy. Gene Pope was evidently unusually bright. In 1946, when he was just 19 years old, Pope graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a degree in engineering. Simultaneously, Gene served as vice president of the family’s sand and gravel company which, according to Hogshire, was characterized as a racket by the FBI. (Because of ties to organized crime figures, the FBI continued to keep tabs on the Pope family for years to come.) Following the death of Pope Sr. in 1950 and what seems to have been an internal family struggle over control of the inheritance, Gene Pope left Il Progresso (or was forced out) and found an unusual new job in what he described as “the CIA’s psychological warfare unit.” [441] Just what this entailed remains a mystery. Although Pope didn’t exactly hide his CIA past, he never talked about why he went to work for the Agency, or what he did for them while there. (Pope’s entry in the 1984-55 Who’s Who reads simply, “intelligence officer, CIA, 1951.”) It is worth pondering for a moment how Gene Pope might have been recruited into the CIA. Perhaps … the CIA had set up the MIT Center for International Studies in 1950.  …..
    In 1952, the 25-year-old Pope purchased the New York Enquirer from the Hearst publishing empire for $ 75,000 using what he described as “an interest-free loan” for $ 20,000 as a down payment. (This paper was later renamed the National Enquirer.)

    For these and other reasons soon to be described, we should consider the possibility that Pope’s true source of financing for the Enquirer was his former employer, the CIA. After all, if the Agency wanted to provide covert financing for yet another component of its rapidly expanding propaganda network, what better way to do it than to launder the funds through a known Mafia leader? In those innocent days, who would possibly have suspected that the Mafia and the U.S. intelligence community were in bed with each other?
    For this to be workable, one must assume that Pope continued to work for the CIA in deep cover as a newspaper publisher after he formally left the Agency. Although there is no direct evidence for this, it hardly seems out of the question in light of what we now know about the CIA’s extensive covert involvement with the news media. As reporter Jim Hogshire wryly observed, “Leaving the CIA is not like quitting a job at the local car wash.”


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  • Mon, Jan 23, 2017 - 6:43pm



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    No Civilization Has Outlived its Food Supply | Joel Salatin

    new interview on reluctant preppers of joel salatin, always a pleasure to hear joel talk:

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  • Mon, Jan 23, 2017 - 9:22pm



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    Thanks sand_puppy

    I’ve never felt the collective tension this high in my (albeit brief) lifetime. Feels like anything could happen going forward.

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  • Tue, Jan 24, 2017 - 4:49am



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    Sorcha Faal = Fake Fear

    I wrote that ‘source’ off a long time ago as completely unreliable, perhaps purposely so.
    No matter if that’s the case or not, there isn’t time or energy to spend on unreliable sources, especially ones that are promoting fear.
    There’s enough fear going around as it is without manufacturing fake fear.

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