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    Daily Digest 1/21 – Our World Is Dying, The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism

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    Monday, January 21, 2019, 11:56 AM


Shutdown Threatens to Delay Criminal Justice Reforms Signed Into Law by Trump (TS)

In addition to creating a system that will allow some low-risk inmates to earn early release, the new law also retroactively increases the number of days inmates receive off their sentences for good behavior. Inmates now get 54 days for each year of their sentence, up from 47, a retroactive change that could potentially free as many as 4,000 inmates, according to The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news website covering the criminal justice system.

Financial capitalism: The endgame (Afridev)

In 2008, collectively, we had the opportunity to reboot a broken financial system so that it became fit for purpose. But instead of reconfiguring it to serve the real economy, politicians and central bankers used Quantitative Easing to buy time. This lulled the mainstream media into reporting that everything was back on track.

‘The goal is to automate us’: welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism (Matt H.)

The headline story is that it’s not so much about the nature of digital technology as about a new mutant form of capitalism that has found a way to use tech for its purposes. The name Zuboff has given to the new variant is “surveillance capitalism”. It works by providing free services that billions of people cheerfully use, enabling the providers of those services to monitor the behaviour of those users in astonishing detail – often without their explicit consent.

Our World Is Dying (James W.)

Whilst a no-deal Brexit remains the legal outcome should the UK Parliament fail to agree the withdrawal deal there is widespread opposition from within the predominately pro-European MP’s to a no-deal outcome. The situation is fluid and highly volatile but my forecast (60% probability) is that Britain will leave the EU (in 2019) and on a semi-soft/softish terms once a 11th hour amendment to May’s deal is agreed between the government, parliament and the EU. I suspect that this will involve concessions on the so-called Irish backstop by the Irish/EU side, firmer provisions on UK labour rights and amended wording within the political declaration pushing the UK towards a permanent custom union.

Digital detoxes are a solution looking for a problem (tmn)

Meanwhile, there’s little evidence that digital detoxes actually have any benefit. The majority of what exists is based on anecdotes rather than scientific studies. Some arguments might seem sensible, such as that giving up technology may encourage people to be more physically active. But again, no research has demonstrated that this is actually true.

Built to Separate: Border Barriers Around the World (jdargis)

The current debate in the United States about building up and reinforcing the border wall with Mexico may have distinctly American roots, but the problems, and the controversial solutions, are global. Growing numbers of immigrants, terrorist activity, continued drug trafficking, and protracted wars have sparked the construction of temporary and permanent border barriers in many regions worldwide. Our own Uri Friedman wrote in his 2016 article “A World of Walls,” “Of the 51 fortified boundaries built between countries since the end of World War II, around half were constructed between 2000 and 2014.” Below, a look at some famous and some lesser-known barriers across the globe.

Chinese authorities say world’s first gene-edited babies were illegal (tmn)

“We can ensure that the research wasn’t conducted in our hospital nor were the babies born here,” a Shenzhen Harmonicare Women’s and Children’s Hospital representative told CNN in November. The hospital confirmed that two of the doctors named in He’s documents work at the hospital and suggested that an internal investigation was underway.

North American glaciers melting much faster than 10 years ago – study (jdargis)

Alaskan glaciers get much of the attention in North America because Alaska is warming faster than the continental US. Mount Hunter in Denali national park, is seeing 60 times more snow melt than it did 150 years ago.

The North American glaciers analyzed in the new study are far smaller than those in Alaska, Asia and elsewhere, so they won’t contribute much to sea-level rise as they melt. The authors say they offer critical lessons for water management, fisheries and flood prevention.

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  • Mon, Jan 21, 2019 - 1:09pm


    Chris Martenson

    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

    Joined: Jun 07 2007

    Posts: 4740

    Lee Nails It!

    If you want to see the “Russia Gate” sausage factory up close and personal, watch as Lee Camp brilliantly takes down one of the more odiferous links when he exposes the who behind the New Knowledge group that both wrote the Senate report on supposed Russian troll interference in the 2016 elections *and* ran fake Russian troll bots to distrupt the Alabama senate race (but got caught and then claimed they were “running an experiment”).

    To recap, this ultra-partisan and military-intelligence connected group wrote a widely publicized report on Russian bots that later had to admit that many of the supposed bots were neither Russian nor bots, and then went on to create fake Russian bots and spent $100k on a race where that was a measureable fraction of the total spend, tried to pretend that wasn’t them while using that race as “proof” of Russian interference, and then lamely calling the whole thing an experiment when exposed.
    The NYTimes, unsatisfied with becoming a completley useless rag of no merit, actually discovered all this but then went with the headline, “Facebook closes 5 accounts tied to Russia-like tactics in Alabama Senate race.”
    Well done, NYTimes! You have plunged to new depths of uselessness and ridiculous propagandizing.  
    “Russia-like?”  Indeed the only thing that’s proven so far is that a US agency funded, MIC connected, group has both whipped up fear around Russian trolls and then exploited similar but even more sophisticated tactics to swing an important US Senate race.
    Again, as a general disclaimer, I am not at all interested in the outcome of that race, of who won or who didn’t.  
    I am deeply concerned at the levels of duplictious reporting, the lack of cntext, and the apparent inability to tell the good s guys from the bad guys on display in the US right now.
    It suggests that things are going to have to get worse before they get better.  

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  • Mon, Jan 21, 2019 - 1:54pm



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

    Joined: Apr 13 2011

    Posts: 1961

    The Intercept: 10 most embarrasing media fails about ""Russia""

    Following on from Chris’ last post,  Glenn Greenwald takes us through the 10 most obnoxius media fails in the “Russia meddled” narative.  He has beautiful screen shots of the original “it was Russia’s fault” headlines and then the retractions/walk-backs several weeks later.
    It is important to learn who we can trust.

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  • Mon, Jan 21, 2019 - 3:49pm



    Status Member (Offline)

    Joined: Feb 01 2009

    Posts: 10

    Who CAN we trust?

    I have followed Lee Camp for several years, ever since I first saw him in a Max Keiser spot. Camp is awesome. Not always right, but way better than any “news” you will get on MSM-affiliated outlets like Fox, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, PBS News Hour, Wall Street Journal, WaPo, NYT, etc. Camp has a potty-mouth that may put some people off, but I recommend that you feel your inner George Carlin and deal with it!
    As for the Russia-gate nonsense, I thought that story stunk from the moment I heard the first peeps. Then, when I saw establishment Dems throw in with the Deep State and start quoting gospel from intelligence agencies — hey, any Dems remember the Church Committee? — it told me we had entered a very dangerous new era. Hopefully, Mueller’s continuing failure to find anything substantive will bring an end to this new version of red-baiting and Cold War-ish disinformation. It’s all a distraction, anyway — anything that keeps the “two sides” bickering amongst each other is good for TPTB, because it precludes well intentioned people from discussing the real threat/problem.
    But back to the title theme: Who CAN we trust?  Well, it’s not ever going to be the case that one purveyor of info gets it totally right, even if they are pure and true and it’s their intention to do so. That’s just not how brains, experience, and methodology work. Lee Camp is excellent, but there are certain topics on which I think he hasn’t quite arrived yet. But hey, I’m sure there are certain topics on which *I* haven’t quite arrived yet! Still, it’s always better to pay more attention to those who are anti-establishment (such as Camp and PP) than those who are paid by the Military-Intelligence-Banking-Industrial Complex to report only inside-the-envelope news.

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