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    Daily Digest 1/21 – How to Build an Anti-Poverty Movement, CA’s Historic Drought

    by DailyDigest

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 3:33 PM


How to Build an Anti-Poverty Movement, From the Grassroots Up (westcoastjan)

When the CIW was founded in 1993, it was as a small group of tomato farmworkers in Immokalee, Florida, trying to end a twenty-year decline in their poverty wages. Who is historically more powerless than farmworkers? Yet today, most major buyers of Florida tomatoes have signed agreements with the CIW to pay an extra penny per pound for tomatoes. These agreements have resulted in over $11 million in additional earnings for the workers since January 2011.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: If the Currency Collapses & You Try to Flee Into Gold, There Won’t Be Any GLD, TNR.v, MUX, GDX (Phil H.)

“Huge miss in Jobs numbers with only 74k created vs estimated well north of 200k can not be just dismissed as a blip in the data. Peter Schiff discusses that FED can not really Taper now, there is no real recovery and FED does not have the exit strategy. Gold is waking up to these developments. What if this data is the real state of the economy? Once people will realise how wrong is the expectation about the recovery Gold will go straight up. COMEX data shows that Gold shorts will be in trouble very soon.”

Russia’s Sergei Lavrov: Ukraine getting ‘out of control’ (Nervous Nelly)

“Members of several European governments rushed to the Maidan without any invitation and took part in anti-government demonstrations in a country with which they have diplomatic ties,” Mr Lavrov said, referring to the square in which protesters have been encamped for many weeks.

“This is simply indecent.”

Ontario’s “Have Not” Status Creates a Divided Canada (westcoastjan)

Part of the re-think should take place in Ontario, where provincial policy has contributed to its relative economic weakness, with expensive green energy schemes that drove up the cost of power and drove out business; add to that a regulatory approach and labour legislation that has further made Ontario an uneconomical place to invest.

David Suzuki Regrets Dire Fukushima Warning (westcoastjan)

The environmentalist’s suggestion that the probability of an earthquake serious enough to cause that degree of devastation “in the next three years is over 95 per cent” has sent the video viral since its November 2013 upload.

Hydropower Struggle: Dams Threaten Europe’s Last Wild Rivers (westcoastjan)

“With every flood, the Vjosë shifts its course,” says Ulrich Eichelmann, a conservationist with the organization RiverWatch, as he looks across to the narrow ribbon of alluvial forest that clings to the side of the valley. “The river fills the entire valley,” says the 52-year-old. “Such a thing in Europe can only be found here, in the Balkans.” Then he pauses. On the opposite shore, a cormorant takes flight.

California’s historic drought – in pictures (Michael W.)

As he put the state under an official emergency declaration last week, California governor Jerry Brown warned his state is ‘facing perhaps the worst drought California has ever seen since records began being kept 100 years ago’. Wildfire dangers are increased, and some cities are close to running out of water.

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