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    Daily Digest 1/18 – CA Declares Drought Emergency, ‘The Greatest Catastrophe the World Has Seen’

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    Saturday, January 18, 2014, 4:06 PM


The Big Reset, Part 1 (Thomas C.)

Middelkoop had written four books in Dutch when he decided to switch to English, his latest book has just been relesed: The Big Reset. This book is about the War on Gold and the plans behind the scenes to create a new gold-backed world reserve currency. I had the privilege to do a Q&A with Middelkoop about his latest book. The Q&A will be published on this website in two parts.

Creeping Zeros and Economic Armageddon (David B.)

This phenomenon of arithmetic is known as “creeping zeros”. But what is important for this discussion is not the arithmetic, but the inevitable psychological ramifications of creeping zeros. Specifically, as the numbers increase in size at an exponential rate; our understanding of these numbers decreases – proportionately.

Intel To Cut 5,300 Jobs in 2014 (Amanda)

Intel has long dominated the PC chip business. However, with slowing sales and continuous quarter-over-quarter drops of traditional computers and laptops, Intel is on the ropes. Its attempts to enter the smartphone and tablet space have been largely unsuccessful, with ARM-based rivals such as Qualcomm and Samsung dominating that market.

‘The Greatest Catastrophe the World Has Seen’ (jdargis)

Progressively, however, all sides moved to a more balanced attribution of responsibility for 1914. There seemed to be a wealth of evidence that all sides had taken risks and been complicit in decisions that made war likelier. Moreover, literary witnesses, such as Robert Graves, encouraged the conclusion that the whole story was one of monstrous stupidness and futility. The first phase of reflection culminated in a long work of scholarship, published in 1942–1943, by the Italian politician and journalist Luigi Albertini.

Obama Outlines Calibrated Curbs on Phone Spying (jdargis)

But in a speech at the Justice Department that seemed more calculated to reassure audiences at home and abroad than to force radical change, Mr. Obama defended the need for the broad surveillance net assembled by the N.S.A. And he turned to Congress and the intelligence agencies themselves to work out the details of any changes.

Water Is His Life, Particularly When It Starts Gushing in All the Wrong Places (jdargis)

By the time he and his team determined a few hours later which valves to close, water had flooded several basements and interrupted service on subway lines, creating havoc during the Wednesday morning rush. Streets had to be shut down, traffic rerouted.

For peat’s sake use other composts, RHS urges gardeners (westcoastjan)

Peat bogs are an important environmental resource and create areas of huge biodiversity, keeping more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than forests, and helping to prevent flooding, according to Natural England.

As a further spur to gardeners, the RHS and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is making £50,000 available to Britain in Bloom groups to buy alternatives.

California declares drought emergency (westcoastjan)

On Friday, a fire burned out of control in the dry brush of the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County. And last year, the Rim Fire burned 402 square miles in and around Yosemite National Park, causing $127 million US in damage as of late October, according to the most recent data available from the U.S. Forest Service.

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    Radiation at Fukushima well hits ‘record high’

    "The water used to cool the reactors has been leaking into the soil and contaminating the ground water ever since. Some of the radioactive water has been escaping into the Pacific Ocean.

    TEPCO plans solve the problem by setting up special equipment to freeze the ground around the reactors. The works which are to start this month include plunging tubes carrying a coolant liquid deep into the ground. The coolant would freeze the ground solid so that no groundwater could pass through it. "



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