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    Daily Digest 1/14 – Is 2021 an Echo of 1641?, Biden Seeks $1.9 Trillion for Relief in First Economic Plan

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    Thursday, January 14, 2021, 2:44 PM


Is 2021 an Echo of 1641?

The reason why history rhymes is that humanity is still using Wetware 1.0 and so humans respond to scarcity, abundance and conflicts over them in the same manner.

I am struck by similarities between the conflict-torn mid-1600s and the present: global climate change (The Little Ice Age in the 1600s), political upheavals and wars which intertwined civil and imperial conflicts.

Programmer has two password guesses left before losing $266M in Bitcoin

A German-born programmer in San Francisco has now used up eight of 10 password attempts he has to unlock the hard drive containing the private keys to his Bitcoin wallet, which contains 7,002 Bitcoin (BTC). As of press time, those holdings would be worth $268 million — that is, if only they were accessible.

As a New York Times profile on Jan. 12 outlined, Stefan Thomas uses a hard drive called an IronKey, but lost the paper on which he wrote down the password for the device “years ago.” If Thomas fails to remember it, 10 failed guesses will result in the drive encrypting its contents forever. He has, so far, tried eight guesses with no luck.

Ron Paul Posts Criticism Of Censorship On Social Media Shortly Before Facebook Blocks Him

We have been discussing the chilling crackdown on free speech that has been building for years in the United States. This effort has accelerated in the aftermath of the Capitol riot including the shutdown sites like ParlerNow former Texas congressman Ron Paul, 85, has been blocked from using his Facebook page for unspecified violations of “community standards.” Paul’s last posting was linked to an article on the “shocking” increase of censorship on social media. Facebook then proceeded to block him under the same undefined “community standards” policy.

Unemployment claims jump to highest level since August amid COVID-19 surge

The number of Americans filing for first-time unemployment aid last week jumped to the highest level since mid-August, the latest sign the economy’s recovery is stalling amid a surge in COVID-19 infections nationwide.

Figures released Thursday by the Labor Department show 965,000 Americans filed first-time jobless claims in the week ended Jan. 9, higher than the 795,000 forecast by Refinitiv economists.

COVID-19 doesn’t infect key US bat species, Madison researchers find

Big brown bats, a bat species common in North America, are resistant to infection with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, according to research at the Madison-based National Wildlife Health Center.

The findings ease concerns that wild bats in the U.S. and Canada can be infected by humans or spread the virus known as SARS-CoV-2 to other animals, the researchers said. But more than 40 other bat species found on the continent were not tested.

US businesses could save over $500B each year if workers partially telecommuted

Employers could collectively save over $500 billion each year if they implement a hybrid work model where employees alternate between their home and the office after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, companies could stand to save approximately $11,000 per employee. These figures were estimated based on if the 48 million full-time employees in the U.S. with remote-work-compatibility were to work from home on an average of 2.5 days a week.

Biden Seeks $1.9 Trillion for Relief in First Economic Plan

President-elect Joe Biden will ask Congress for $1.9 trillion to fund immediate relief for the pandemic-wracked U.S. economy, a package that risks swift Republican opposition over big-ticket spending on Democratic priorities including aid to state and local governments.

“We have to act and we have to act now,” Biden said Thursday night in Wilmington, Delaware. He said he would lay out a second, broader economic recovery plan next month at a joint session of Congress next month.

Trump takes final swipes at China’s big companies

Donald Trump has taken a final swipe at China and its biggest companies, imposing more sanctions and investment bans in his last days of office.

Nine Chinese firms have been added to the Pentagon’s blacklist of alleged ties to the Chinese military, including phone maker Xiaomi. Mr Trump has ramped up action against a host of companies he believes are a security threat in recent months.

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  • Fri, Jan 15, 2021 - 4:18pm



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    What's in your mRNA vaccine?

    WHO vaccine safety

    No module for mRNA vaccine safety.

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  • Fri, Jan 15, 2021 - 4:31pm



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    America colonisation ‘cooled Earth's climate’ plus Charles C. Mann, Homogenocene


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  • Fri, Jan 15, 2021 - 8:55pm



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    When the Brookly Bridge Just Won't Do

    thomas heatherwick’s vessel in new york closes after third suicide in less than a year

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  • Sat, Jan 16, 2021 - 6:27am



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    Stealing Our Democracy: How the Political Assassination of a Governor Threatens Our Nation

    Good read for political wonks and anyone interested in reality.


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  • Sat, Jan 16, 2021 - 1:21pm



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    Self avowed anarchist/leftist arrested for threatening violence against Trump protesters



    Prosecutors said they “averted a crisis” at the Capitol by arresting 33-year-old Daniel Baker, taking him into custody on a charge involving making a threat to kidnap or injure,
     the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida announced in a news release.

    “Baker issued a call to arms for like-minded individuals to violently confront protestors gathered at the Florida Capitol this Sunday,” prosecutors said. “He specifically called for others to join him in encircling any protestors and confining them at the Capitol complex using firearms.”

    Protests and rallies are expected at state Capitols across the country ahead of and on inauguration day in opposition to the election results.

    “This is an armed COUP and can only be stopped by an armed community!” Baker wrote in a flyer titled “Call to Arms January 20th” posted online, a criminal complaint against him alleges (pdf)...


    Baker, a former U.S. Army Airborne infantryman who was kicked out of the service, in 2017 joined the People’s Protection Units, a group fighting in Syria against ISIS and the Turkish government, prosecutors said. People’s Protection Units is a sub-affiliate of the Kurdistan’s Working Party, which is designated by the U.S. government as a “foreign terrorist organization.”

    Prosecutors have called Baker a “dangerous extremist,” with the criminal complaint claiming he wished death to anyone whose ideology was different from his, including U.S. military officers.

    “Baker has made multiple violent threats to those he claims are white supremacists, fascists, United States persons with different ideologies than his, and allies of the United States. In addition, Baker has promoted the killing of United States military officers,” the complaint reads.

    Items of concern identified in the investigation against Baker show his “path toward radicalization as well as a fair probability for imminent violence,” the complaint states.

    One of these is a Facebook post attributed to Baker, which features the statement, “I don’t give a [expletive], I’m an anarchist and I want to watch capitalist society burn.”

    Another item referenced in the complaint is an interview Baker gave for an article about the fall of Seattle’s autonomous zone, in which he identified himself as a “hardcore leftist” and said he had traveled to Seattle to take part in the “Revolution.” In the article, he expressed disappointment “in the lack of violent opposition here,” referring to the occupied zone.

    “If they really wanted a revolution, we needed to get AK’s and start making bombs,” Baker is quoted in the article as saying....

    The complaint claims Baker authored a social media post on Oct. 20, 2020, in which he wrote that “I hope the right tries a coup Nov. 3rd cuz I’m so [expletive] down to slay enemies again.”

    Interestingly, TGP reports that the criminal complaint included Daniel Baker saying he received Soros money and he will be offering cash rewards for information on Trump supporters in his video...

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  • Sat, Jan 16, 2021 - 4:52pm



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    How People Treat Free Speech


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  • Sat, Jan 16, 2021 - 8:59pm



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    Peggy said:

    Can we round them all up – the violent extremists on all sides of the political spectrum, and put them on an island together?
    Bouvet Island perhaps?

    We could make food drops (but obviously not enough to go around) and let them take care of themselves. Perhaps that would change their perception of the value of civilization, if anyone actually survived.

    But we shouldn't let them come back.
    Get them out of the gene pool.


    I am so sick of these people (mostly testosterone fueled men) wrecking our lives. They'll always find some cause to fight against, because the cause is the excuse. The reality is they want to fight.

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