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    Daily Digest 1/11 – Women Overtake Men as Majority of U.S. Workforce, How to return to sound money

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    Saturday, January 11, 2020, 12:00 PM


Women Overtake Men as Majority of U.S. Workforce (Adam)

WASHINGTON—Women held more U.S. jobs than men in December for the first time in nearly a decade, a development that likely reflects the future of the American workforce.

The share of women on payrolls, excluding farmworkers and the self-employed, exceeded the share of men in December for the first time since mid-2010, Labor Department data released Friday showed. Women held 50.04% of jobs last month, surpassing men on payrolls by 109,000.

Trump’s Iran adventure has Japan over a barrel (David G.)

Of all the things Shinzo Abe thought might undo his legacy as economic savior, Iran may well have been the furthest risk from the Japanese Prime Minister’s mind.

But less than two weeks into 2020, the specter of renewed chaos in the Middle East is upending the calculus in Tokyo. Japan limped out of 2019 as trade-war headwinds slammed exports. It barely avoided a recession, imperiling its longest expansion since the 1980s.

What 2020 has in Store for Global Markets: Jim Rogers (Herman J.)

Boom Bust managed to catch up with world-renowned international investor Jim Rogers to get his take on the state of the global economy and what could be just over the horizon following some recent major rallies.

How to return to sound money (thc0655)

Given the current fiat money system is on a path towards its own destruction it is not surprising that there has been increasing talk of a monetary reset. Without a completely different approach and by retaining the same institutions and macroeconomic concepts, any such reset is bound to fail.

Trump’s tariffs cost U.S. companies $46 billion to date, data shows (Sparky1)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump to restructure the United States’s top trade relationships have cost American companies $46 billion since February 2018, and U.S. exports of goods hit by retaliatory tariffs have fallen sharply, according to an analysis of Commerce Department data.


Here’s What Happens When You Go Without Power for 7 Days (Thomas R.)

You don’t really realize how much you need electric power, until you are left without it. As a society, we are addicted to electricity. Pretty much everything we do uses electricity in one way or another, even activities which we think aren’t electrified.

When the power goes out, you really notice it; and the longer it is out, the more things it affects. Life gets harder rather quickly, as we wonder how we are going to do even the basic necessities for survival, let alone the day-to-day activities we are used to.

The AngloZionist Empire vs Iran: a discussion of the recent events (Afridev)

First, since we have more reliable data about what happened, let me recap a few key points to being:

    1. It is has now become pretty clear that Iran took several steps to make sure that the US would know when and where the strike would happen. Specifically, Iran warned the Iraqi government and the Swiss diplomats who represent US interests in Iran.
    2. Yet, at the same time, Iran issued the strongest threat it could possibly issue: it told the US that *any* counter-strike aimed at Iran would result in a strong Iranian attack on Israel.


New research finds Jupiter is flinging asteroids at Earth (Thomas R.)

Jupiter is being accused of actively flinging dangerous objects into the inner solar system that could impact Earth.

Some space experts believe the huge planet protects Earth from comets and asteroids, but new research has suggested that it may actually be doing the opposite.

American firefighters arrive in Australia and get cheered at the airport (Sparky1)

American firefighters got a hero’s welcome when they arrived in Australia to help battle the country’s devastating fires.

Travelers at Sydney’s international airport cheered and clapped Wednesday as the group, with members from across the United States, walked by. Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service posted video of the scene on social media.

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