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    Daily Digest 1/11 – Bitcoin Sheds $1T; CDC Can’t Name Cause of Death; NY NJ Finally Tell Whole Truth; Leader: Shoot Protesters on Sight; State to Defy Biden Mandates

    by Stewart

    Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 8:47 AM


Crypto Crash 2022: What Future Holds for Bitcoin As Market Sheds $1 Trillion
Bitcoin price crashed to new three-month lows on Saturday, extending its freefall since Wednesday when the U.S. Federal Reserve ignited a massive selloff over news it would reverse policy to strengthen the economy amid the pandemic.


Russian puppet to shoot citizens protesting rising fuel prices without warning
The Kazakh president said he had ordered the police and army to shoot without warning and signaled a broader crackdown against opponents as his security forces, backed by Russian troops.



Anger at Xi’an Lockdown Spreads in China
Account of woman who lost her unborn baby in the eighth month of pregnancy after being denied medical attention prompts outcry.


New data reveal significant number of New York’s COVID hospitalizations are people admitted ‘for non-COVID-19 conditions’
More than 40% of all COVID-19 hospitalizations in New York State are patients who were admitted to the hospital for reasons other than COVID-19 or complications from the virus, new data reveal.


Most hospitalized in New Jersey were for non-Covid reasons
Massachusetts is among the other states planning to soon make such data public.


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky fails to disclose distinctions on the number of COVID-releated deaths in the U.S.
Critics demanded answers from CDC director Rochelle Walensky Sunday after she hedged on how many of the COVID-19-related deaths in the U.S. were directly due to the virus and how many were individuals who died with COVID-19 yet had underlying conditions.


This State Is Defying Biden’s OSHA Vaccine Mandate, Regardless Of What SCOTUS Decides
Folks, THIS is how federalism is done!



Want to know how to save nature? Ask Indigenous scientists.
Nature conservation needs a transformation, according to a new book by environmental scientist Jessica Hernandez.


Eric Schmidt: Social media companies ‘maximize outrage’ for revenue
It was a rare condemnation of the industry from a man who, as head honcho of YouTube’s parent company, directly oversaw one of the most powerful social media companies in the world.




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