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The Crash Course: “Classic” Version (released in 2008)

The Crash Course seeks to provide you with a baseline understanding of the economy so that you can better appreciate the risks that we all face. The Intro below is separated from the rest of the sections because you’ll only need to see it once…it tells you about how the Crash Course came to be.

How long will it take?

Chapters are between 3 and 20 minutes in length. All 20 sections take 3 hours and 23 minutes to watch in full.

If you are interested in a quick summary of the Crash Course, watch our 45-Minute Crash Course presentation by clicking here.

You will learn about:

Introduction (on this page, above) 1:47 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Three Beliefs 1:46 EspañolDeutschFrançais
The Three “E”s 1:38 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Exponential Growth 6:20 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Compounding is the Problem 3:06 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Growth vs. Prosperity 3:40 EspañolDeutschFrançais
What is Money? 5:55 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Money Creation 4:19 EspañolDeutschFrançais
The Fed – Money Creation 7:13 EspañolDeutschFrançais
A Brief History of US Money 7:14 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Inflation 11:48 EspañolDeutschFrançais
How Much Is A Trillion? 3:28 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Debt 12:32 EspañolDeutschFrançais
A National Failure To Save 12:06 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Assets & Demographics 13:41 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Bubbles 14:10 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Fuzzy Numbers 15:52 EspañolDeutschFrançais
a Part A: Peak Oil 17:52 EspañolDeutschFrançais
b Part B: Energy Budgeting 12:15 EspañolDeutschFrançais
c Part C: Energy And The Economy 7:05 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Environmental Data 16:22 EspañolDeutschFrançais
Future Shock 8:02 EspañolDeutschFrançais
What Should I Do? 19:48 EspañolDeutschFrançais

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