Crash Course Chapter 17(c) ENERGY & ECONOMY is posted!!


I wanted to let you know that all three Crash Course videos on PEAK OIL and ENERGY are up and available for you to view and pass around.

Direct link to Chapter 17, Parts a/b/c

Please note that I had to put all three videos on the same page. You will have to scroll down to see "b" and "c".

This has been some of my very best work in terms of analysis and presenting. The topics presented should be understood by everybody.

Part "c" lies at the very center of my thinking. I am proud of my PhD from Duke, but, without a doubt, this is the best output of my life. I have put an incredible amount of focused effort into assuring that these topics were presented as clearly and accessibly as possible, and I hope you agree.

If you do, pass them along.

I have installed "share this" technology, which makes sending things to people you care about incredibly easy. All you have to do is click a button at the top of each Crash Course Chapter and drop in an email address. Of course,, you can also just copy, paste and send links, as many of you already do.

Many people have encouraged me to write the Crash Course as a book. Others have been astounded that I do not charge for the Crash Course. But I decided that the video format had more power than a book, and that making this freely available was the right thing to do. I hope you agree.

Your faithful information scout,
Chris Martenson