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Recent Media Appearances By Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart


Crush The Street

“The Federal Reserve Is Desperately Trying To Rise Interest Rates” – Chris Martenson Interview

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Sprott Money – Ask the Expert – June 2017

Craig Hemke with Sprott Money interviews Chris Martenson in the Ask the Expert series.

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Adam with Teresa Kuhn of Living Wealthy Radio

Teresa Kuhn interviews Adam Taggart. They discuss financial strategies to manage costs of living and financial uncertainty and work towards greater prosperity.

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Chris with Mike Maloney of

Mike Maloney interviews Chris Martenson and they discuss trends and concerns for markets, investors and possible outcomes for these crazy new levels of various investment classes.

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Chris on Financial Survival Network – with Kerry Lutz

Chris Martenson discusses with Kerry the gathering war clouds. He believes that Trump has gone to the dark side, after the Syrian Attack, the Afghan MOAB and the North Korean show down.

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Chris on Benzinga – PreMarket Prep

Chris talks commodities stocks with hosts Joel and Dennis

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Adam Taggart on AFP News Agency – Survivalism and prepping in Silicon Valley

Adam talks Survivalism and prepping in Silicon Valley

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Chris on Living Wealthy Radio

Chris in an interview with Living Wealthy Radio.

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Chris’ interview with Glenn Beck

Chris has an interview with Glenn Beck on The BlazeRadio.

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Chris’ interview with Dave Janda

Chris has an in depth interview with Dave Janda at

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Chris’ interview on RT Boom Bust

Boom Bust’s Edward Harrison sits down with Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity to talk about China, commodities markets and corporate earnings.

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At This Point The Stock Market Is Meaningless, The Economy Is Headed For A Collapse: Chris Martenson

Chris’ interview on X22Report Spotlight.

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Chris’ interview on Capital City Recap with Michael Cohen

Chris speaks on the future of oil prices and he discusses the possibility of an energy crisis.

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Chris’ interview on The Rich Dad Radio Show with Robert Kiyosaki

Every business and relationship has a life blood it relies on to survive. The blood of our economy has been the same for over a century; OIL. Oil effects everyone and everything in our lives, plastics for commerce, fertilizer for agriculture, fuel for everything from industry to the car in your garage. This week we’ll talk to Dr. Kent Moors (Money Map Press) and Chris Martenson (Peak Prosperity) about how saving at the pump could doom our economy.

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Chris’ interview on Money for Lunch Podcast with Bert Martinez

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Chris’ interview on The Money Answers Show with Jordan Goodman

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Chris’ interview on Capital City Recap with Michael Cohen

Chris speaks on his book “The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future Of Our Economy, Energy, And Environment” and explains why the U.S. is not at it’s peak prosperity.

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Fixing Problems with Bigger Problems

Chris Martenson, founder of Peak Prosperity, on how the Fed is worsening inequality, destroying consumer savings, and setting the stage for a massive bond collapse

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Chris being interviewed by Gordon T. Long of FINANCIAL REPRESSION AUTHORITY


Chris’ interview on Gestion with in Peru.

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Chris on Good Morning Peru.

Chris joined the cast of “Good Morning Peru” to talk about the changes the Three Es are bringing to all countries around the globe.


Chris on Boom Bust – RT discussing collapsing oil prices.


Gas prices on the rise as insurgents target Iraqi oil. Oil could go to $200/barrel.

FOX News Video


Chris discusses how to allocate assets in a world of risk. He argues that the world is even more unstable now than before the crisis, and he looks at how an investor might react to such changes.

Boom. Bust. – RT


Chris speaking at the Wine Country Conference 2014 – The Coming Wealth Transfer


Chris on the PBS News Hour: How many more times can the world be twice as big?

PBS Newshour


Chris on the PBS News Hour: Why a conservative economist moved to the country.

PBS Newshour


Chris discusses the Federal Reserve and the weak fundamentals of the US economy.

Boom. Bust. – RT


Chris Discusses Oil, Fracking, Fukushima & Market Bubbles with Max Keiser

The Keiser Report


Chris Martenson on a Swiss Gold Global webcast


Chris on First Business

Asia Rising? Japan’s economy is rising, and China’s is weak – how will this affect the U.S.? Bill Moller talks with researcher Chris Martenson of – See more at:


Chris with Mike Maloney of

Why Did Silver & Gold Collapse? Mike Maloney and Chris Martenson


Yahoo! – Daily Ticker – S&P 500 May Fall More Than 40% By Fall: Chris Martenson

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Yahoo! – Daily Ticker – The Real Reason the U.S. Economy Won’t Take Off

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The Street – Debra Borchardt interviews Chris on the latest jobs numbers and what it all means.

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Chris on Capital Account with Lauren Lyster

Chris’ thoughts on how to invest in a liquidity-flooded world.


WCVB Chronicle Feature Video

Fortune 300 Exec Redesigns His Life – Lives in Rural Community; Learns Self-Suffiency

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Chris on with Greg Hunter

Chris discusses how Global Growth Will Never Return to its Glory Days


Garland Robinette talks to Chris Martenson, Founder and CEO of Peak Prosperity, about the nation’s debt.

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Chris on Capital Account with Lauren Lyster

Chris discusses Job Numbers, the Fed, and a Drop in Oil Prices are Hiding!


Chris’ Appearance on Yahoo! Finance’s Daily Ticker

Invest in Your Home, Not Stocks: Chris Martenson


Chris’ Appearance on Yahoo! Finance’s Daily Ticker – Video 2

Gold $2,500: The Precious Metal Is Headed for Breakout


Chris on Capital Account with Lauren Lyster

Chris discusses shadow banking & crisis risk.


Financial Sense – Post-FOMC Macro Update with Chris Martenson

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The Commonwealth Club of California

Crash Course Discussion – Chris Martenson & Tom Van Dyck


Shark-infested Equity Waters, Metals Manipulation and Energy

Chris on CapitalAccount with Lauren Lyster


Interview with Denny Smith – 93 WIBC

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On the Edge with Max Keiser: Japan’s economy & global economic crisis


Chris Martenson on Freedomain Radio:
The Importance of Developing Resileiince & Community


KBOO Community Radio:
Interview with Chris Martenson, “Where is our economy going?”

2011 Media Appearances


Capital Account with Lauren Lyster: 
Chris Martenson on the Money System and Exponential Resource Depletion


Chris Martenson and James Turk talk about Europe and the global economy


Presentation at the Gold & Silver Meeting in Madrid, Spain 2011.


Transition US – A Conversation with Chris Martenson

Chris shares his wisdom and experience in a converation with Erik Curren of Transition Voice.


Casey Research Interview

David Galland interviewing Chris at the 2011 Casey Research Summit in Phoenix, AZ. Chris had just finished giving his presentation “Unfixable”, which received the highest rating of the conference by the attendees.


Segment from Chris’ “Unfixable” presentation at the 2011 Casey Research Summit in Phoenix, AZ: “Without energy, the economy is meaningless”

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Chris Martenson joins Jim Puplava this week in a discussion of the weak US economy, its outlook and the importance of preparing for the next crisis heading our way.


Michael Stone and Chris discuss the framework behind the Crash Course and Chris’ northern California speaking tour


Jeff and Chris discuss the fundamental changes coming & what individuals can do in advance to increase their personal resiliency


Financial Sense Newshour: Here’s an interview between Chris and Jim Puplava on August 9th. In it, Chris makes the case we’re heading into another fiscal crisis which risks sparking a larger monetary crisis, and explains why he sees higher gold prices ahead (NB: while gold did surge nearly $300/oz after this interview, he was taking a longer term view)]


The Peter Schiff Show – Peter interviews Chris.

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Additional 2011 Media Appearances By Chris Martenson

Kaiser Report

Today, Max Keiser released a video of him and Chris discussing the growing banking crisis and why it will unfold differently than that of 2008 (Chris’ segment starts at 14m:20s):

McAlvany Weekly Commentary

On August 2nd, Chris joined David McAlvany for a deep exploration of exponential trends and how they are determining the future we’re entering as a global society. This is a great revisitation of the core concepts behind the Crash Course framework, including an engaging discussion of the difference between growth and prosperity.

The Extraenvironmentalist

In July, Chris gave an interview to the guys at The Extraenvironmentalist, a podcast that targets a younger audience and attempts to make sense of the world they’re inherting. released a featured interview between Chris and Jim Puplava delving into Chris’ new book The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future of our Economy, Energy and Environment.


This morning, BNN – Canada’s Business News Network – aired this interview with Chris discussing the implications of the coming energy crunch (click image to launch the video):

Yahoo! Finance’s The Daily Ticker

Here are two clips of Chris’ recent appearance on The Daily Ticker on April 5. Host Aaron Task digs into Chris’ thoughts on the impact of recent events in Japan, the Middle East, and Africa:

Kaiser Report

Earlier his week, Max Keiser has an energetic discussion with Chris on the recent Fed actions and the extreme pressure being placed on the US dollar (Chris’ segment starts at 13m:25s):

David Pakman Show

On April 14th, Chris sits down with David for a wide-ranging talk covering Wall Street corruption, the national budget, Japan, peak oil and the outlook for the economy:

Northshire Bookstore Event

On Friday, April 22, Chris gave an updated presentation of the Crash Course at a book signing at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, VT (Chris’s part starts at 3m:20s):

Financial Sense Newshour

Here’s an interview Chris had with Jim Puplava back in February on preparing for Peak Oil. A head’s up: Chris will be Jim’s featured guest next week for a segment dedicated to the new book and Chris’ outlook on where things go from here:

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