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Ken in MA
By Ken in MA on Mon, Mar 18, 2013 - 4:17pm

Group Hellos & Greetings

Hello everyone,
Welcome to the Rowe 2013 discussion group.  I'm Ken... and treebeard and I will be here as (I hope) helpful stewards of our online community to give a hand to anyone that has questions or needs help.

What a group. I enjoyed the weekend with all of you - those I had the chance to meet and those who I only got to know from your contributions during the seminar.  Chris & Becca, Adam, Amanda -- thanks for flying this flag and sharing your lives in a way which brings people together and supports us all in the challenges likely lying ahead.


Kripalu 2012 Seminar

Building on the relationships, learnings & positive momentum towards action of the 2012 weekend seminar at Kripalu