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The Martenson Brigade


You may not know it, but everyone who posts to this Forum is taking part in the "public" branch of the Martenson Brigade, PeakProsperity.com's official volunteer organization.

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Where to go? (Willing Volunteer)

I do not think that "going it alone" will be a viable way to live into the change that is coming. As a result I have been coming out to Hawaii for the last few years thinking it might be a good place to focus on living with a group of people who are interested in sustainability and permaculture. Well, I was wrong. Most communities are either spiritually based but still ultimately bow to the petrol gods or filled with delusional or drugged members who think they can make computers out of crystals.

Join our Volunteer Brigade

We're passionate about calling public awareness to the messages of the Crash Course, as we believe that making these topics a subject of public discussion and debate is essential to the future prosperity of our nation. Now that the Crash Course is complete and available both online and on DVD, the race is on to get the word out the the media, our elected officials, and the general public. But we can't do it alone! » Read more