Twitter (TWTR) shares closed at $44.90; Twitter (TWTR) soars 73% in stock market debut, Psychology of Profits, 6 Things You Should Quit to be More Successful

By pierreapienaar on Fri, Nov 8, 2013 - 5:05am

BREAKING: Twitter (TWTR) shares closed at $44.90 on first day of trading on NYSE!

Twitter has just kicked off its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange and the share price close at $44.90 on first day of trading on NYSE.

Twitter shares soared Thursday as investors scrambled to get a piece of what they hope will be the next blockbuster social-media company after Facebook.


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told CNBC that the company is focused on making the service easier to use and highlighted its potential for big profit margins in the future.