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Arab Countries must ring in the changes

Please see this link for the new article by Dr Nafeez Ahmed about the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions http://crisisofcivilization.com/2011/02/17/arab-countries-must-ring-in-changes-and-quickly/ For more articles check out our learning ...

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Speculation on recent protests in Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, etc.

I would like to start a thread to speculate on the recent unrest and protests in Africa (Egypt, Tunisia, etc.) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, etc.).  While I am interested in speculating on the underlying causes for the events, I am also interested ...

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Arab Revolution?

An Egyptian man set himself on fire near parliament on Tuesday and another one tried to follow suit, echoing an act of self-immolation in Tunisia that triggered mass protests and helped oust the president. Similar cases have been reported in ...

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