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GoldMoney vs. BullionVault

The website recommneds BullionVault for larger holdings of gold.  Does anyone have experience with GoldMoney.  I was leaning toward GoldMoney over BullionVault due to ability to take physical delivery from the former.

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101 uses for used canning jars

Let's have some fun with htis practical topic. I used to be a Ziplock bag junkie. But that's not exactly eco-friendly, post-Peak Oil behavior, so I tried to break the habit.

Enter the lowly canning jar. Here are some of the uses I've found for mine so far (other than canning), and you can re-use used lids for these!

* sugar bowl

* container for leftovers like stew and soup

* container to transfer opened metal cans of things like tomato sauce into (stored in the fridge, food in opened metal cans aquires a metalic taste)

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How do I prepare Rice and Granola for long term storage in buckets?

Hey guys, I searched through about 20 threads looking over the last 45 minutes but this forum is a mess.

I plan to buy "Food Insurance" or another brand of dehydrated food in the next month.  Food Insuarnce products are very good, but they are expensive.  Some of my favorite foods that I eats lots of, I want to store myself.  I can practically live off Granola and Rice, I just love both!!  I was planning to go to Costco and buy a few large bags of rice and lots of my favorite brands of Granola and put them in buckets.


My questions:


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Is a bullionvault (or similar) enough?

Is having gold in bullionvault (or similar) enough? I don't really want to have physical possession if possible and my understanding of bullionvault (where i have some) is that what i've bought is actual physical gold. it's not shorted etc.

so is this safe enough? (i'm in the UK)


What Should I Do?

The most common question by far we get on this website is “What should I do?” Once people watch The Crash Course and are awakened to the very real threats posed by Peak Oil and reckless monetary policy, they understandably want to know how to position themselves intelligently.

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Food Storage Ordering Challenges.

SagerXX mentioned in DIAP's "Successful Food Storage" thread how hard it is to get people to commit their hard earned cash.

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Food Storage Dilemmas-Freezedried Vs. Dehydrated-both flawed!

I'm trying to decide (quickly, LOL) on the best 3 month food storage for spouse and myself. Some type of prepared foods will be the best route for me. Spouse cannot eat "wheat, rice, beans" program and my reading of anecdotal reports suggests that many people have a hard time with this "diet" anyway. Most of us don't eat this way daily and, for many, digestive systems are not happy with it.