stable economy

By Phil42 on Sat, Jan 11, 2014 - 2:08pm

This Way: Peace & Your Direction

As our global economy unravels its ecological limits, so too will it find a spiritual limit. For example, growth-only economics has 'successfully' monetized Yoga, and we're doing our darndest to monetize anything remotely spiritual (aka deeply personal). But when it gets right down to it, spirituality is about DOING YOUR WORK. It is about looking inward. It is about spending time by yourself, enjoying your own good company, crafting your own good decisions - it's about thinking well - and leading from the Inside. 


Democratic resource based economy

The Money is the Problem ;we therfor have no choice but to replace the money.Our Mission is therfor: To explore and refine an economic model based on public assets and governed on democratic and sustinable principles.The basic outline and process is as follows:

Step One: Assess The full value of all public physical assets;lands, infrastructure, buildings,resources- renewable and finite.These assets are then considered the basis for the National Treasury on which a National currancy may be guarranteed.