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A quick 4 minute "Duck Tails" cartoon that teaches how printing money causes inflation:

I'm not sure how to embed this using this ancient forum software that this site uses?  (Again...we desperately need vBulletin here!)

It's quick, easy to understand, and does a great job of explaining what happens when you print money.  I love cartoons!  =)

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Have you heard anything about the IRS trying to pressure short ETF positions (like DXD) out of the market?

Hey gang --

I have a very small amount of money left in the market.  It's in an ETF that's short the Dow (DXD), and I'm in it as a hedge against another big down leg.  (Yes, yes, I've been getting killed since July, but it's a small amount of buckage and if the market tanks big [thereby driving my small biz down] at least I'll have a little consolation prize.)

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Shorting the Dow?

I found a thread here

and in post #11 bearmarkettrader mentions using the "DXD" to short the Dow.  As a total neophyte to trading, can anyone tell me anything about this fund (described as "ProShares UltraShort Dow30")?  

You buy this and if the Dow goes down, the fund goes up?