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VIDEO: Chris on Falling Oil Prices

RT TV's "Boom Bust" interviewed Chris yesterday on the recent sharp drop in oil prices. What impact does that have on the Peak Oil story? What impact will these lower prices have? And how long may they last? Chris' segment ...

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US & EU Playing a 'Very Dangerous Game' Against Russia

Chris recently appeared on RT.com's "Boom Bust" program, warning against a number of macro risks including the "very dangerous game" the West is engaged in over gas flows from Russia (Chris' segment start at 15m:06s): ...

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Chris Interview: Why The Fed Can't End QE

At the Casey Summit earlier this month, Chris sat down with RT's Bob English to provide a detailed explanation of the technical reasons why the Federal Reserve will have a nearly impossible time unwinding it quantitative easing (QE) program: ...

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Chris Discusses Market Instability on RTTV

For those looking for Chris' additional thoughts on the market instability he wrote about yesterday in Everything Is Being Sold , watch this interview with RTTV's 'Prime Interest': Note: If you're reading ...

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