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Scientists Warn We've Exceeded 4 of 9 Planetary Boundaries

The journal Science recently released a report that, in the past 100 years, human activity has altered the equilibrium of its planetary habitat so severely that several boundaries for sustaining life are being exceeded: An international team of ...

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Poodwaddle World Clock

There's a very cool meter from Poodwaddle that keeps measurement of many of the biggest world trends. It's a real-time counter, which adds an element of urgency that static numbers just don't do. (hat tip to user howland for ...

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Mind-blowing Map of World Population

They say a picture can sometimes capture more than words ever can. The graphic below is one such example: (source:  Reddit ) As we look to the future, this puts into the context the East's accelerating hunger for resources and ...

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A collection point for news and data on the growing scarcity of key natural resources (coal, crops, energy, farmland, fertilizer, fish, gas, metals, minerals, oceans, ...

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