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Ohio Valley Resilient Pioneers

Purpose: To build a group of free people in our region who believe that the responsibilities of a resilient life begin with the individual and flow to the family, congregation, and local community.

Expectation: To channel the anxiety and concern that we feel into actions that will bring joy, friendship, preparedness, sustainability, and resiliency for our community.


Central California Peak Prosperity

A hub for learning how to live a resilient life, connecting with like minded people and spreading the info found at

It doesnt matter where you think things are headed, we aim to cater to all levels of the spectrum of possible outcomes.

We aim to form a group strong enough to bring quality instructors to teach and guide us. We will share ideas, best practices and tips for other preppers in the Central Valley ( California ) area.

Join us and stay tuned for more information!


JD Dutra

[email protected]