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Looking for like-minded. Is there a singles thread?

I'm new to this forum.  For the last 8 months I have been studying our economy and especially enjoy Chris Martenson's view points.  However, now that my way of thinking has changed, I find it challenging to find others who feel the same.  Can anyone direct me in the right direction to find others?  I'm single, 46 years old, female, and ready to make a life-style change.  Thanks!

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Need opinion from the experts here...

I'm posing this question to you guys because you are the most intelligent group I've come across regarding Peak Oil, investing and the economy.  My close friend has been preparing for peak oil with the standard preps, is debt free, lives below his means etc...  However, he doesn't believe that being and staying diversifed, regardless of what you "think" will happen, is the safer way to go.  He wants to be mostly cash (age 37) rather than have and maintain an even percentage of cash, bonds, tips, gold, silver, stocks, reits (doesn't own any shelter).

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Hi, I'm a Noob

Greetings everyone. I'm new here, so I figured I'd say hello and introduce myself. I've been told that this is a great community (special emphasis there) for anyone who is in line with what CM postulates and wishes to be proactive about it. I'm hoping to meet some great people here and looking forward to enlightening discussion.

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Can someone explain a transition group?

Hi all,

I came across crash course a few months ago and I joined the community to keep myself informed.  I many of the posts very informative.  In one such post a person mentioned a Transition Group.  What exactly is this?  The individual mentioned they were selling their home and looking at another property with a nearby transition group.  We're also selling our home and have been looking at real estate further outside the city, something with more land in order to expand our resources.  Thanks!

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Selling off some of your stuff?

With apologies to the late great George Carlin (man I miss him -- I was in Vegas the week before he died and remember looking out the window and seeing his name on a marquee, saying "Dudes, we should totally go see Carlin!"), are folks here selling/getting rid of Stuff as part of a simplify your life / slenderize your monthly nut strategy?

Tomorrow I'm selling my 1991 Nighthawk 750, which I own outright, as I have better things to do w/that $ than let it (mostly) sit in the shed and get older.

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How would you hande it?

Ok.  I've watched the crash course, and am a very open-minded kind of person.

 I really liked it, and have always wanted to build my own "log-home" probably from a kit, since it's the easiest thing to do.  I intend to be as self-sufficient as possible in this Log Home, like solar/wind power, hot water, in ground heat-exchangers, well, etc...

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Lessons from Argentina's economic collapse, how to prepare for a SHTF scenario

On a british website. A good read about real live experiences when SHTF. A text that will tell you what really happens and how best to prepare for such a situation.